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Are you in search of an electrician in the Dallas Metro? Call Caddell Electric Services.  We provide highly trained, well equipped electricians delivering top quality electrical services across DFW.


The employees at Caddell Electric Services are well trained educated in the field and are kept up to date on the latest products and services. We are capable of finishing any  electrical job on time and within your budget.


You can depend on CaddellEletric for all your residential and commercial electrical requirements.


Whether your business is small or big, that’s not a matter of concern for Caddell. We will can handle any size electrical system. Some areas of operation which we are experts in are:


Electrical Panels


Electrical Panels are the most important part of your electrical system and requires more of your attention and frequent maintenance. Caddell Electric Services can save you from electrical fires which may be caused by faulty electrical panels.

If your place is equipped with Federal Pacific or Zinsco electrical panels, they are a fire threat and we strongly recommend that you call Caddell to have your old panels replaced immediately.


Surge Suppression


When you want to safeguard your costly electrical systems, we recommend installing Surge Suppressors that will guard your entire office and protect your electrical devices. This equipment is attached to your electrical panel and will protect all your devices and wiring from power surges and spikes. It is important to protect your entire system because the electrical lines that carry signals into your building can also carry surges.


Commercial Lighting


A brighter place is a happy place. So the brighter and more well lit your office – the higher the production potential of your employees. The right lighting for the environment ensures customers and employees are comfortable and more attentive. Caddell Electric are lighting experts, and can deliver without breaking the bank. We do not cut corners to make a few extra dollars by using inferior products or incompetent staff, BUT we will use only high quality systems installed by professional who do a great job at a much lower cost than might be expected and we never try to sell you anything  you don’t need.


Call us today and get a free estimate.


Contact us at (214) 329-4567 to know about the services offered or complete our online request form.

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