Pricing of different water purifiers

There are many different water purifiers available in the market today, every big brand is coming into this sector, some of the major players being Kent, Aquaguard(Eureka Forbes),Livpure(Luminous),Pure it(Hindustan Unilever),LG, Tata Swacch, Suchita and Aqua fresh. In this article one by one we will shed light on the pricing of the same.

  • Kent

It is one of the most popular brands at this time, it has very wide dealer network and service centers are also present everywhere across India. The prices however are also a bit on the higher side, with RO purifiers starting from about 17000,the pre filter, i.e. the external filter is also separately charged around 600-1000 by the technicians which is extra. The highest model goes up to Rs. 25000 (Kent Superb). It is extensively marketed through television commercials and other medium. Their brand ambassador is Hema Malini. You can choose a best water purifier from our huge collection at Kent Water Purifier Chandigarh and Kent Ro Chandigarh.

  • Aquaguard (Eureka Forbes)

This is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the country; in fact many people take Aquaguard to be synonymous to water purifiers of all brands. However recently it has been getting tough competition from brands like Kent and Aqua fresh. It has its stronghold on the UV purifier segment but it has been losing out on the RO purifier race to some extent. Its water purifiers are moderately priced with RO starting from about 10,000 rupees. It also has good marketing presence and has Madhuri Dixit as brand ambassador.

  • Livpure(Luminous)

It is a relatively new brand and has RO purifiers starting from about 8500.They also have touch RO which is highly popular and is available for about 13,000.They also have Sachin Tendulkar as brand ambassador.

  • Pure it(Hindustan Unilever)

It has high sale in the offline (without electricity) models. Also its basic RO+MF filter is highly marketed and in demand as it is sold for 8500 only. Their high end models go up to 20,000 or even more. They have Farhan Akhtar as brand ambassador.

  • LG

Their USP is stainless steel tank but their purifiers are very high priced and are an average priced at Rs. 30,000.

  • Tata Swacch

They have more market share in the offline models that work without electricity and are priced from about 1500.

  • Suchita

It is a new brand but has very good service and quality, the price is also very reasonable with RO systems starting from about 6000.They are best in range for budget segment.

  • Aqua fresh

It is also a well-known name and is sold very much because of the pricing. It has prices of around 4500-5000 for starting RO and has a wide range of purifiers. We are offering you Aqua fresh Water Purifier Chandigarh and Aqua fresh Ro Chandigarh

at affordable rates.


  • Blue Mount

It is a brand which focuses on alkaline water which is its USP, they are moderately priced around 10,000 for starting RO. The alkaline water is good for health and helps to maintain Ph balance in the body. They have actress Karishma Kapoor as brand ambassador.

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