PPC Vs SEO and Their Pros and Cons

Are you confused about whether your business will be more benefitted from paid search marketing efforts or organic search marketing efforts? In such a case, the answer lies in the fact where you would receive your answer depending on the fact that is based on your businesses’ objectives, marketplace as well as the current market situation.

Improve your organic traffic with SEO


  • You can increase your visibility and place your business in front of those potential customers by accessing the targeted keywords in the most appropriate way. This is great when it comes to driving brand awareness as well as for the purpose of promotion.

  • You can associate commercial search terms and different sorts of informational queries related to your business arena. This will avail a positive branding benefit and you can associate your brand with the trusted searchers and help them lead to the purchase.

  • Trust and credibility can be boosted methodically by accessing a good influence in the search results. This is how you can help your customers return to you over and over again.

  • Enhance the traffic on your website by simply motivating the users about deals for which they should choose you over all other marketers.

  • Organic search engine traffic would certainly provide a greater and improved Return on Investment.

  • SEO is neither easy nor it is cheap. However, it is considered as one of the most cost effective methods over all other marketing tactics. This will ensure higher brand awareness, helping you to grab a relevant traffic to your website.

Benefits of PPC


  • PPC offers a laser targeted visibility and paid search is found to be dominating the fold content. A paid search ad is more likely to seem than the ones that are skipped or scrolled past.

  • PPC ads are quite improved and they tend to offer more granular control for delivering a good deal of space to your marketing associations.

  • A Visual shopping ad is a feature that is made available to the users by Google. This type of ad is really helping in improving the click through rate and that is certainly a feature that you cannot avail from organic search.

  • The paid search ads help you seen by the right people. This also enhances the brand visibility.

  • PPC allows for a tight control of the marketer’s budget.

  • The laser targeted way with PPC helps you reach up to your potential customers. Ads could be targeted with keyword, language, day, time, geography and audiences by deriving a rough idea from the previous visits.

  • A PPC campaign can be featured within a short period of time. This could be created in just a few weeks and ramped up accordingly. This, in turn, is also useful to maintain agility.

  • Easily split test ads, A / B testing, call to action buttons and landing pages help in determining the best results for the digital marketing endeavours.

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