Planning To Hire An ODOO Developer? – A Must Read

OpenERP/ODOO- a comprehensive suite of business applications offers a well-suited environment for small, mid-sized as well as large scale businesses and enterprises to set-up their business. It includes a wide range of modules like- Sales, Project management, CRM, Warehouse management, Financial management, Manufacturing, Human Resources and many more for smooth processing of their business. Being available on both the platforms, namely- on cloud and on-site, this technology is well-suited for small to mid-sized businesses.

Initially launched as TinyERP, which was then evolved as OpenERP and later in ODOO has experienced more than thousand downloads as well as installations since its inception. This has made ODOO one of the most preferable ERP platforms and is used by various eCommerce platforms. It consists of a dynamic community that is flexible and is easily adaptable as per the client needs.

So, if you too own an eComerce store, you must be fascinated towards OpenERP/ODOO platform, right? But you may be having initial hesitations as you need to develop related modules before setting up your eCommerce store. One of the best solutions to this is to hire ODOO developer. You must be having various why’s and how’s in your mind which are explained below:

Why hire ODOO developer?

Hiring a developer for your ODOO website can help you with the following:

  • Creating, Installing and Implementing ODOO modules for your business

  • Seamless performance of your eCommerce store

  • 24/7 cost effective services

  • Customized module development as per your needs

  • Easy maintenance of website from backend and frontend as well

Benefits of hiring a developer?

Major benefits of hiring ODOO developer are as follows:

  • Comprehensive deployment of related modules required by your project or business

  • Detailed analysis of how well OpenERP/ODOO functionality matches your requirements

  • Offers modular benefits of the OpenERP/ ODOO with the respective modules

  • Results in reduced Total Cost of Ownership that justifies the expense of new ERP system. It includes operating costs, inventory costs, administrative costs, obsolete inventory and maintenance costs.

  • Our developers are trained to unify the business processes easily and effectively while maintaining consistency of data in different systems.

Why choose SerpentCS?

SerpentCS is one of the leading OpenERP/ ODOO service providers and has established its flagship as one of the top contributors in ODOO community. Associating with SerpentCS can help you to establish a seamless business website or rightly saying eCommerce site ultimately resulting into profits for your business. Also, the qualified and well-trained developers keep the website updated with the latest version.

Thus, if you are looking to establish your eCommerce business and wish to stay updated with latest trends, you can opt ODOO platform that will never fade your business out of the competition.

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