Planning for the Holidays

You have a world that is full of fascinating destinations. Choosing the perfect vacation spot is now easy with the best holiday packages made available to you in all shapes and sizes. You deserve that vacation. So pack your bags and seek out that adventure.


If you can’t think of where to head to next, here’s some travel inspiration for you:


Great Barrier Reef

This is the world’s largest coral reef system. So naturally, the scenery will be incredible. You can view it by air, boat, or underwater. Plenty of snorkelling and diving spots can be found along the cost of Queensland.



Also known as the “City of Light”, this location has a pure magnetism about it. Travellers look at the Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower among other attractions. You’ll fall in love with the city’s charming cafes and vibrant markets.


Bora Bora

It’s difficult not to be enamoured by this destination. It’s absolute paradise. The lush jungles lead into sky-high volcanoes and upscale resorts stretch into pristine sands. This Pacific town is truly wonderful.



This historic city hosts several world famous attractions. Some of these sights to visit on holidays include the Piazza della Signoria, the Piazzale Michelangelo, and the Duomo. Appreciate the city’s renaissance art and architecture. Feast on the region’s delicious food and wine.



Markets, museums, and temples are just a small glimpse of the offerings you’ll find in the technology-centric, bustling city of Tokyo. There are also a number of free attractions that the city generously offers.



Also known as the archaeological capital of the Americas and located at the heart of what was once the Inca Empire is Cusco. There is plenty for architecture and history buffs to enjoy here.



A world unto itself, London is a great city to visit. A mix of eclectic neighbourhoods is home to a blend of modern day attractions and historic landmarks. This will keep you busy for days upon days.



Also known as the Eternal City, you’ll find some must see attractions in Roma. The Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and the Colosseum are just a few of the sites here. In the Vatican City, which is located nearby, you’ll find the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.


New York City

There is an infinite number of urban adventures which New York City is host to. Browse in SoHo’s stylish boutiques, tour the MET exhibits, meander through Central Park, or watch a Broadway play. There is no dearth of activities here.



Out of all the Hawaiian Islands, Maui is one of the most beloved. It lives up to all the superlatives associated with it. There are exotic beaches like Kaanapali, palatial resorts, and verdantly lush terrain at the Iao Valley State Park.


Holiday packages can be tailored to suit the locations you want to see. The world is such a wonderful place and travelling it is a great experience. Wanderlust is a good quality to foster within you. Book your travel now at Cox and Kings.

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