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5 Useful Tips to Complete PhD on Time

A Doctoral of Philosophy Degree (PhD) is the highest degree level of achievement and highly sought after, especially for those in the academic or research line. However, journey towards the completion of PhD is very challenging, especially for those PhD students who already have commitment with their family and sponsorship organization.

Despite of all the challenges, to taste the sweetness of wearing mortar board during your convocation and your thought is being recognized by others, is what I believe every PhD students dream of. Thus, let us see several useful tips for doctoral accomplishment strategy.

1. Determination.
You have been bombarded with all types of confusing question which you do not how to answer it at all. Some of the examples are such as ‘what theory do you use to support your framework?, what is your theoretical contribution?.’ For a research newbie, that question makes think hundreds time whether you can complete PhD within the time frame given, or not?. So, if you are currently faced with his dilemma, sit down and think positive. Imagine the sweetness of wearing mortar board during your convocation. Then, put your 200 percent effort to complete your PhD on time.

2. Socialization.
Some may say that doing PhD is a lonely journey, but not for all. You can add networking with friends all over the world during PhD study. Besides, you can even discuss about PhD research with them. By doing that, you can get feedback from them. These feedback can open up your mind about your PhD research. When you do your PhD, we do not realize about the loophole in your research. So, these networking will be able to detect loopholes in the research. That is the real power of socialization.

3. Work Smart.
You may spend a month or more, searching for those key articles. But then, you may consider of several shortcuts in order to get this key article. For example, instead of searching the key article from search engines, search for the author email address from the search engine. Then, send email directly to the author to request all relevant articles from him/her. Simple and fast, right?

4. Discipline.
Create a study plan to help you accomplish your PhD on time. Once you already have the study plan, strictly follow it. The study plan act as a promise that you make to yourself. So, if you set one year to complete your proposal defense, then make sure you complete your proposal defense exactly in one year.

5. Relax and Have Fun.
If you are stuck, do not have any idea to write your thesis, then that is the right time for you to relax. Do not force yourself. Go out from your study room. For example, take some fresh air by walking at the seashore to release stress. After that, you will definitely get lots of ideas to write for your PhD thesis. Remember, do not feel guilty to relax and have fun during your PhD.

So, having said all that, determination, socialization, work smart, discipline and relax will guarantee you to complete your PhD on time. Good Luck!!!

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