Pexgol: Offering Cross Linked Pex Piping Solutions with Premium Services

Pexgol is one of the leading names in providing top notch pex piping solutions in order to meet residential as well as industrial needs. The pex (cross linked polyethylene) pipes manufactured at Pexgol are manufactured under the high temperature and pressure. This procedure is resultant to unbreakable and sturdy pipes which can be used in wide range of applications in residential, industrial and infrastructure projects.

The combination of cutting edge technology like cross linking process and first rated material can resultant to produce pex pipes with unique properties which include:

  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Improved stability against extreme corrosive conditions
  • Great immunity in improper pipe laying procedures
  • Minimum head losses.

Their pex pipes can be utilized in industrial and residential applications in the following ways:

  • Industrial applications: Thier products can be used as general pipes, connectors and pex fabricated elbows. Also, with their pex pipe, it is easy to manufacture flanged coupler, spigot reducers, hydrant connector and many more industrial products.
  • Residential products: Their pex pipes are also useful to manufacture residential products such as compression system, multilayer system, riser system pipes etc.

Pexgol is one of the reputable members of IQNet (International Certification Network) and has accreditation with ISO-9001:2008. They have their own quality control unit which is well equipped with advanced testing tools and devices. These devices can give accurate measurement of dimensions, D.S.C., raw material, tensile strength, mechanical durability etc. Their mission is to deliver the premium quality products and service on order to maintain company’s high standard and meet client’s expectations.

Concluding, Pexgol is well recognized company which distributes their products in different areas throughout the world. With the help of agents and partner companies, they serve in Eastern Europe, Central Europe, China, Australia, India, Russia and many other countries.

Thus, if you are looking for the finest quality and technically tested Pexgol pipes, then Pexgol is the company you should take into consideration. They have a team of qualified and skilled engineers, marketers, operators and sales managers which strives harder to fulfill your technical as well as quality criteria with their pex products. Apart from this, if you have any query regarding their services and products, then their professionals are always ready to help you in the best possible manner.

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