Overcoming Healthcare Communication Barriers through Teamwork

Ecommunication-1809935_1280.pngffective communication is important at almost any job, but there is a special emphasis that should is placed on communication and teamwork in the healthcare organization. Lack of communication and team collaboration in this field can have damaging, and sometimes deadly effects. Lack of critical information, misinterpretation of information, overlooked changes, and unclear orders are just a few of the potential risks surrounding ineffective communication.

First, let’s look at the barriers to effective communication. Many of the common communication barriers occur between a superior and subordinate, in example a physician and a resident, or a nurse manager and a nurse. Most of the communication problems occur between a nurse and a physician. This could be due to different perceptions when it comes to the roles and responsibilities of each individual. Because healthcare systems are based on a hierarchy, those at the bottom of the hierarchy can feel nervous in their open communication, or disagreeing with someone at a higher ranking. This feeling is intensified when someone at the top of the hierarchy is unapproachable to others.More Details….

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