Online Shopping – 5 smart ways to save while shopping online.

The cost of living in the present world is very high. The products which we were getting for a few bucks in the past costs us a fortune today. And it is impossible to spend our days peacefully knowing that we spend a lot more money to buy a product than a manufacturer spends on its production. So, it is very important for us to know how much we spend and how much we can save, on what is being spent.

Here is a list of 5 ways which you can use to save on what you are spending while shopping online:

1) Coupons codes or promotional codes:

Using coupons is the best way of getting a discount on a product which you want to buy. You can use coupons to get a discount while shopping both offline and online. In the online world, we get a digital code instead of printed coupons like in offline shopping. Some retailers call it coupon codes and some refer to it as promotional codes. Here, instead of handing over the printed coupon to the retailer, we enter this coupon code during the checkout. These coupons help you get a discount at the end of your shopping. But one should agree that there will be many terms and conditions in order to use these coupons and one should be aware all the terms and conditions before using them.

There are many websites on the internet where you can get these coupon codes and use them while you are shopping. Some of them are,, etc.

2) Cashback websites:

Cashback is another great way of saving. Cashback is a form of an incentive which is given to the customers where they receive cash as a refund after making their purchase. While shopping online, one can use cashback websites to shop and get cashback.

How it works is, you go to a cashback website and choose your store to shop and do your regular shopping and checkout.

The cashback website tracks your orders and after all the processing is done and when there is a confirmation that your order is delivered, you get a reward from the cashback website for shopping via their website in the form of a cashback. This cashback can again be used for shopping in the future or can be withdrawn.

Here is a list of cashback websites which you can use while you shop the next time,, etc.

3) Price comparison websites:

Before buying anything on an online store, it is always important to keep in mind that, there might be a chance of getting a better offer for the product you are looking for, in some other stores. So, it is important for one to look into other online stores before making a purchase. This process can be made easy by using the price comparison websites.

How these websites work is that they collect data such as product info, prices,etc., from as many retailer websites as possible and they categorise these data using their algorithms and this categorised data is available to us on their website. We can make use of this data to compare prices of the product that we want to buy and choose a store where the price is minimum.

But, even these websites have downsides. Sometimes, the prices mentioned on these websites are not updated when there is a dynamic change in the price and sometimes the data available for comparison is not accurate. So, one should be careful and make sure the price mentioned on the comparison websites are accurate before making a purchase.

Here is a list of some of the price comparison websites:, etc.

4) Big sales:

The retailer shopping websites offer these big sales or great sales on special occasions. One should be aware of these sales and try to shop during these sales. There will be a certain time period between the opening and closing of these sales, so one should make sure that they shop between this time period. During this sales, the retailer websites offer huge discounts on most of their products and hence this makes it an optimal time for shopping and the best saving option.

5) Using cards:

When we use our debit or credit cards for shopping, we get a certain percentage of cashback from the bank. The banks earn a few percentage of money which is being spent by you and this is the main reason that the banks offer cashbacks when you shop. This is a win-win for both the banks and the customer as banks earn money and customers get cashback. So, it is always a better option to use cards while shopping instead of paying hard cash.

These are the different ways which you can use while shopping to save a little more. I hope you find it informative and use these tips while you shop the next time. Happy shopping!

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