Odoland 16 pcs Resistance Bands Set

We live in a tiny apartment and recently dropped our gym membership because of a price increase. We’re exercising at home and wanted strength/flexibility equipment that would take up very little storage space. This odoland band set fits the bill perfectly.


The tubes and bands are clearly marked with their resistance weight. The four rubber loops were individually packaged and have their own carrying bag that makes it easy to keep them separate. The door adapter is very easy to use. Our front door is the only door that works space-wise for exercising, and it has a screen door in front of it. We were not sure if the adapter would work because of the screen door, but it is just fine.


The ankle grips seem to be better made than others we’ve used in the past. They are definitely more comfortable. We’re also able to use them as wrist straps.


We are also pleasantly surprised that this odoland band set had no chemical odor at all. We’ve found that many plastic and rubber items we purchase online or in brick-and-mortar stores often have an offensive chemical odor, but this set did not. The loop bands have a very mild standard rubber odor that reminds us of a beach ball; it is not offensive. We do not notice any other odor in any other pieces of the set at all.


The hand grips seem to be made of a hard plastic covered with a thin layer of foam. They’re not as comfortable as we’d like, but they’re passable. The set comes with a couple of exercise sheets that are very poorly written. If you need exercise ideas, you can find plenty online with much better instructions.


Overall, we are very happy with this purchase.

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