Nylons: Day to Day usable Item but Still Need Some Care

What is Nylon?

Nylons are very much commonly used items in daily life. It was first invented at the time of 1930. The origin of this material can be described as Cotton then Rayon and then Nylon. It is not only tough but also lightweight. It is basically a kind of fabric with synthetic material. The following features can better explain the product.

Various Features or Characteristics

  • It is fabric with high strength. Basically, it involves the composition of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and ,Carbon Element
  • The strength of nylon does not lose with time and age.
  • It is perhaps the lightest as well as strongest fabric for the textile
  • It is used as an added material for Knees, Seats of toes and jeans, Socks heels,
  • If you put it in water or when it is wet, its fabric strength gets lost.
  • It comes with high elasticity.
  • It is with high resilience power.
  • They are smooth in appearance.
  • Heat conductivity depends on several factors like Construction of fabric, the nylon type,
  • It has low absorbency power. It has low sunlight resistance power.

Another great feature of this fabric is easy to clean. Due to the low absorbency power, it dries very quickly. But using of hot water is restricted. These fabrics do not need any bleaching wash. This fabric can retain its shape even after a wash. It normally does not shrink.

It is true that this fabric is easy to use and wash, but care should always be taken. You should iron the nylon based clothes in low temperature. On the other hand, you should try to avoid using this fabric in humidity.

Various Nylon Fabric Types

Several nylon types can be seen like,

  • Flame retarded nylons– These are basically used for clothing purposes for thermal protection mainly for those who are working as firefighters.
  • Fiber Glass Nylons – It involves heat distortion, strength, stability. It comes with the colour of black.
  • The last one has Filled Nylons.

Injection Molded Compounds

The concept was first introduced at 1998. It had a special feature of twin screw extruder which can put into the system of mounding injection. The process involves mainly two steps like compounding material and mounding injection. It involves high flexibility with low cost for production.

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