Now manage your Sales Team perfectly with new Bike or Personal Tracking System

Monitoring the sales team is the biggest concern for any Marketing head or Sales Operations Manager. Keeping a check on Sales executives by calling them every now and then, confirming about their whereabouts, enhancing their productivity, and controlling the sales expenses are few of the key challenges faced by a sales team head. However, can you make your job absolutely hassle free with just a device? Well you surely can.

Get new Bike or Personal Tracking System to manage your Sales Team

Now, with the help of a Bike tracking system, you can trace the location of your sales executives anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is install this Bike tracking device to the motorcycles of your sales staff and subsequently, monitor their locations as well as the distance covered by them in kilometers, etc.

It will not only help you confirm the whereabouts of your sales people, but also tell you the kilometers covered by them in a day. Hence, first it will enhance the productivity of your business, since the sales people are on check all the time. Secondly, you can slash down the fuel claim expenses largely, once you have the data ready for the distance covered by a vehicle used for sales calls. The Convexicon Software Solutions is the top Software Development Company that offers the finest GPS tracking systems in India. The incredible Bike tracking system is one of its top GPS products.

Great Use of Exceptional Personal Tracking System

The other key GPS device Convexicon offers is a Personal Tracking System. The personal tracking system is a revolutionary tracking device offered by Convexicon. It tracks the location of any person, who is on the go. It does not need any additional hardware to install or to be carried by the person to be tracked.

You can install a Mobile application of Convexicon in the Android phone of the person; you can track the exact location of that person suing the web application. This is a revolutionary product introduced by the Convexicon. The key benefit of the Personal Tracking System is that you can trace the location of your children as well as elderly person. Moreover, you can also track the location of your sales staff if this personal tracking system is installed in the Android phones of all the staff. Hence, the uses of this tracking device are multiple.

Convexicon The leading GPS System Provider in India

If you are wondering from where you can get the quality GPS system for the bikes, personals, cars, or trucks and Lorries, you do not need to worry thinking anymore. The Convexicon is the leading GPS tracking devices manufacturer and supplier in India. It offers highly advanced and efficient GPS Tracking systems, i.e. Bike Tracking System, Individual Car Tracking System, Fleet Management System, and Personal Tracking System, etc.

So, call the helpline number of the Convexicon Software Solutions now to book a highly advanced, efficient and reasonably priced GPS tracking system at earliest.

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