New great and enhanced features in Windows 10

As Windows user, you are excited about the enhanced features of Windows new version Windows 10 and are looking for the new tool and applications in the updated software. There is loads of stuff and improvement in the new operating system which assembles the advanced work. The first improved feature is like there is loads of touch but it is different stuff. It is designed to appeal experts and Microsoft says that it want to support touch users who have persevered with Windows 8 and “evolve” the touch UI. Another most noticeable feature is Start Menu in Windows 10 which looks somehow the old start menu but it has some different way to work. It also carries some features from Windows 8.1 such as Start Screen; live tiles and can be resized. A snap feature will also help feature which works out in the best way to snap apps. You can snap Windows into new tiles and screen. There is another amazing feature, especially for the command user is that the command prompt is getting keyboard shortcuts, so you will be easily able to paste your commands. New features do not end here; there is more improvement in Windows Explorer. Continum is the new great thing which I found, Continum is an on-the-fly mode for 2 in 1 devices that can automatically change mode if it detects there is suddenly no keyboard attached.

Microsoft introduces endless and appreciating features which make very Windows user comfortable after updating to Windows 10. I was very excited to utilize these new enhanced features as you are right now. But after updating to Windows 10, I would recommend you to contact Microsoft Windows tech support by dialing a toll-free helpline phone number. You can also find all the prominent information and effective guidance according to your requirements related to Windows 10 features at with an appropriate guide.

With the new enhanced features, it might be possible that you might face some technical issues and numeric error code. Because it is not necessary that software suit will perfect. But there is no need to worry about the issues, you can contact Windows support to get effective resolutions and trouble free assistance under the supervision of trained professionals and technical experts.

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