Nepal Aviation Ground Operations at Its Best

The man had always had a desire to fly in the sky, and this dream came true with the invention of aircraft technology. Today people travel all around the world with the help of aviation industry which is made up of many modules and one such module is ground handling services. These services are extremely important for the proper functioning of this huge and sensitive industry which is majorly run by technology. Everything is managed on the ground and in the air, and aircraft are monitored by the use of ground operations. If you are a frequent flyer you should be acquainted with the ground services as much as the cabin crew, security, and safety measures, etc.

An aircraft requires many services when on the ground and ground handling services are an answer to this. The aircraft on the ground has many requirements; not one or two but of many kinds so the task of these services is multifaceted and tough. They provide passenger services, ramp services, cargo and mail services, flight operation services, general aviation terminal services, load control, communications and flight operation services, representation and supervision services, etc. as described by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

These categories under ground handling services have further subcategories such as:

  • Passenger services include acceptance and guidance of the incoming and outgoing passengers, help at baggage claim and terminal exit, VIP handling and special care to unattended children and special care passengers.
  • Ramp services cover under them provision of toilet and water services, cleaning, loading and offloading of the aircraft, meeting and marshaling the aircraft, equipment supply, etc.
  • Cargo and mail services include acceptance, monitoring, preparation and physical control of export cargo and mail, transfer of incoming cargo to the warehouse and delivery, customs clearance of cargo and mail, etc.
  • Flight operation services cover preparation and distribution of flight plan, flight permit, preparation of weather forecasts, etc.

These services are run by different corporations in different countries. In fact, in a single country, there may be different corporations working towards providing immaculate services. In ground handling services in Nepal, there is immense competition between service providers and though the job is very tough. Customers and the aircraft services prefer the ones who are the best.

Ground handling services in Nepal provided by Nepal Aviation company can offer utmost help when urgent requirement comes. They are the best in business and are the first preference of many.

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