Need To Shape Your Abs: Work It Out With Rowing Machine

Fitness and health, these are two things, which people have left far-far away since the day the industrialization.

And I would dare anyone to prove me wrong!

I am not! That is why I keep on motivating people towards their happiness and goals if getting fit and skinny. And in the same flow, I have brought you with some easy but hard to find tips and tricks of working out with Ab machines.

So, suck the air in and see in the mirror that how slim your tummy has become. Take this stage as the target and work it out.

In this target of yours, there is only one miracle invention of technology that is going to help you in is Water rower. This ab machine will help you work out on your tummy and see the skinny side of yours. I know, you are loving it. Well, you will love it harder, when you will see yourself with perfect abs.


Let us get started!


Why should you only focus on rowing?

When you think of rowing, you certainly move in the flashback, where you would see yourself boating, and rowing down the Amazon- such a hard deal. Coming to the flash back, the deal is not too hard to crack, as you will not have to row in water. In fact, you will be doing it in your comfort zone not in the harsh weather with a heat spitting sun. Therefore, stay relaxed!

Further, as the rowing machine workout is a complete workout in itself, it will help toning almost 80% muscles of the body, which other exercises do not do.

Therefore, do not complicate your health regime and keep it simple with rowing. In fact, to get you started, here are some tips and tricks.

The fundamentally precise way to perform rowing

Sometimes the beginner and sometimes the pro also, they make the mistake while rowing the machine. Therefore, initially, rowing is a bit tricky and hence, before starting it on your own, get the help.

  • Starting with the machine

To start with the machine, sit and bend your knees. Further, your back should be 90 degrees straight and your arm should be forward.

  • Doing the first stretch

Now, it is the time that, you should do your first stretch and for that, push your hips away of the leg sliding backward. Here, the push should come from the legs not the hips.

  • Get the 45 degrees angle with the body posture

Make an angle of 45 degrees with lower body as base and upper as the vertices. As you are in this position, you must stretch the bar of rower up to the top of your abs. now, in this position, the drive position, stay for a few seconds and release.

  • Returning to position number one

Once you have completed the drive position, come back to your first position with knees bent, back 90 degrees straight and arms forward. Now, repeat it again and again. This workout should at least run for 20 minutes and more.

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