Names of some famous photographers in America

“Earth is art; the photographer is only a witness.” The statement cannot be more true. Everyone has a pair of eye but the things a photographer can see nobody else can imagine seeing that. They have the unique power to bring out the beauty from anything and everything. So here are some names of the legends of this world of imagination and beauty. Be it Maternity Photography in Los Angeles or fashion photography in the fashion week or Newborn Photography in Los Angeles, the list includes all.

  • Galen Rowell

The name is famous for the amazing pictures of mountains, landscapes and nature at their best. The pictures always look like a desktop wallpaper created by software. He was killed in a plane crash at the age of 62; however, his pictures are left to tell the tale of his creativity, imagination and uniqueness. He always admired the work of other artists as well, especially the baby photography in Los Angeles. As he has the eye for beauty and knows how tough it is to get the right clicks with newborns.

  • Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is one of the most amazing photographers in USA who has captured the rarest beauty in the form of pictures. His lens certainly can see more than what eyes see. After completing his photojournalism he started exploring different countries and captured the diversity, culture, life and what not in his memory book. He has explored India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan and many more countries across the globe.

  • Richard Kalvar

Richard is always famous for his amazing street photography, where he tries to capture the spontaneity and uniqueness of the moments and the emotions. During one of his interview few years back he said, “I’m trying to create little dramas that lead people to think, to feel, to dream, to fantasize, to smile… It’s more than just catching beautiful moments; I want to fascinate, to hypnotize, to move my viewers. Making greater statements about the world is not my thing. I think there’s a coherence in the work that comes not from an overriding philosophy but from a consistent way of looking and feeling.”

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