MyChores ‘the best domestic resource provider’

           MyChores was founded in the year 2014, and in a very short span of time. People around the corner believe in myChores’s domestic resources services. It has its registered office in Thane and from the time of its inception, myChores has a mission to help their clientele hire the best resource for their help and manage them round the year. In addition,it is known to provide uninterrupted service.

We at myChores understand your busy schedule and your obligations to balance the act of setting the priorities right. Providing reliable and professional solutions to sort the things out is the main objective of myChores.

   myChores broadly offers the below listed services to their clients and strive to expand its wing by adding many more services in near future:

  • Maid
  • Child Care
  • Cook
  • Elderly Care
  • Drivers
  • Baby Massage
  • Patient Care
  • Pet Care

Before you head to home in the evening, there are quite a few worries in your mind regarding the household tasks, which is to be taken care of. Occasionally, you can think of ignoring them, buton daily basis you cannot afford to do that. myChores keeps in mind all these small worries for the clients and offersa reliable and trustworthy domestic resource who can act as a helping hand for their daily tasks.

we are offers you services of a maid who can help you round the clock as per your required needs with all your cleaning, dusting, washing, etc. work as a part of your daily chores. Being a client of myChores, you can also choose on your maid as per your choice and take a free look period for being assured

Most of you would find it difficult to take care of your child when you are always tied up in a hectic schedule or office commitment or some impromptu occasion.  myChores understand the need and offers you a sensitive service of baby-sitting at your doorstep

We all need that someone who can make us feel like home every day, by cooking food at home on daily basis. we assure you to provide a reliable cook for your day-to-day cooking service without any interruption

myChores helps make senior citizens comfy as we provide Elderly care services by trained personnel at home. Now with myChores staying at home need not result in isolation and loneliness; in fact, our elderly care services often bring trustworthy and caring companionship, and helping hand.

Many a times when you desire that you could have a driver to drive you home or take your family members to the desired destinations when you are away. Here, too,  we are offers to find a perfect driver both full-time and part-time, who can be helpful for you and your family.

Bringing a new pet home is so exciting! However, at the same time comes with a lot of responsibilities to handle a pet in a right manner with giving special attention. myChores understands the need of consistency, routine and attention for any Pet. we will help you hire dedicated resources for feeding, cleaning, etc. for your pet.

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