My Top 10 Free SQL Server Tools

1. Strategy Explorer

If you discover yourself having to look at SQL Server performance programs (and you should be) this is the device for you. SQL Sentry Strategy Traveler develops upon the visual performance plan perspective in SSMS to create operating with question programs a more effective and “pleasurable” experience. No more scrolling through large programs and tracking through property ms windows to get the analytics you need.

2. sp_Blitz

Like Batman’s application buckle, it does fairly much everything. If you’ve been passed a SQL Server example and need to give it the once over to be able to get a manage on factors then this is what you use to get the job done. sp_Blitz allows you quickly evaluate settings, protection, wellness, and efficiency problems. As if that were not amazing enough, the results are organized in a prioritized list and provide simple details of each risk, plus a line of hyperlinks that you can copy/paste into your web browser to learn more about each problem. The writers, Brent Ozar (Blog|Twitter) and his group, have even put together a guide video on how it works. A amazing example of #sqlWinning and most certainly deserving of a hat tip.

3. sp_WhoIsActive

Want to know what is being conducted on your SQL Server example right now? This is the device you use. It’s my favorite preliminary analysis device. When I’ve got a manufacturing problem on my arms and nothing more to go on than “is there a problem with SQL Server?” this is my go-to tool. The production of Adam Machanic (Blog|Twitter), sp_WhoIsActive allows me to triage an example of SQL Server so that I can instantly get a feel for what’s currently occurring and quickly decide what my next actions should be. As well as all currently performing instructions and what they’re waiting around on, I can additionally withdraw more details like the performance plan and preventing sequence.

4. Control Information Factory (MDW)

Yet another amazing item function available right out of the box that I’m amazed more people are not using. It contains a lot of efficiency tracking understanding and ability that many providers will gladly cost you for. Using the MDW I have been capable of making manufacturing efficiency understanding data straight available to growth groups by increasing the standard execution using SQL Confirming Services.

5. Catalog Defrag Program v4.1

Everyone has their favorite Catalog Defrag script. Some people (suckers) like to writer their own index servicing programs and everyone else wants to use Ola Hellengren’s Of course not being one to adhere to the group, this little elegance provided by Mrs. Ufford(Blog|Twitter) is my own personal favorite. I’ve been very gladly using this script for index upkeep of manufacturing surroundings for many years and many editions. It gets the job done extremely well and deservers more media.

6. sp_BlitzIndex

It’s natural to think that your indices enhance your speed and agility. Sure that’s what they’re expected to do sure but there are cases where having indices can actually be a barrier to efficiency. Things like duplicate and rarely used indices can be quiet murderers, pulling your speed and agility down silently in the qualifications. You can use sp_BlitzIndex to evaluate your overall index wellness and to recognize locations you could create modification and enhancement to nip potential upcoming problems in the bud.

7. Pressure Estimator

SQL Server Pressure is one of the more underused features of the item, most likely because a lot of people don’t know how to use it to their obtain. You can obtain this application from Codeplex and use it to be able to recognize how much space you could save, as well as evaluate which kind of compression you should consider (ROW or PAGE). Equipped with this kind of information, you could create a more powerful case to both management and your clients as to why you should be using the SQL Pressure function.

8. Main Control Server

Managing an excellent amount of SQL circumstances can be challenging. CMS is a SQL Server function for making the job of providing several web servers easier. You can centralise your authorized server details, guaranteeing your whole group is operating from the same referrals and run several concerns against “groups” of web servers using a single question. It’s a element and I motivate you to learn more about how it can make simpler the management of your atmosphere.

9. ClearTrace

Here’s a useful gizmo for operating with SQL Server track data files. ClearTrace imports SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 track and profiler data files into SQL Server and shows conclusion efficiency details. It’s easy to use helping you get to the base of efficiency problems fast.

10 . SQL Server 2012 Analytic Information Queries

SQL Server DMVs were are blessing when they were presented into the SQL Server item. Just ask anyone who still has to touch a SQL 2000 example how much fun they are having. DMV’s are of course not genuine miracle by themselves, they need to be designed and mixed together into useful T-SQL concerns. Thanks to Glenn Berries (Blog|Twitter), the effort has already been done for you. Glenn has put together a wide range of amazing T-SQL concerns that you can use to be able to identify the and efficiency of your SQL Server circumstances.

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