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Microsoft .NET is a software program aspect that runs at the Windows operating device. .NET affords equipment and libraries that permit builders to create Windows software program      an awful lot quicker and less difficult. .NET benefits give up-customers by means of imparting programs of higher functionality, quality and safety. The .NET Framework have to be hooked up on a consumer’s PC to run .NET applications.

Microsoft .NET includes 4 Important components:

  • Common Language Specification (CLS)
  • Framework Class Library (FCL)
  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • .Net Tools

Common Language Specification (CLS) :

The CLS is a common platform that integrates code and additives from more than one .NET programming languages. In other words, a .NET application can be written in a couple of programming languages with no extra work by way of the developer (although changing code among languages can be complicated).

.NET includes new object-oriented programming languages along with C#, Visual Basic .NET, J# (a Java clone) and Managed C++. These languages, plus different experimental languages like F#, all assemble to the Common Language Specification and might paintings collectively inside the equal utility.

Framework Class Library (FCL) :

The FCL is a group of over 7000 instructions and facts kinds that enable .NET programs to examine and write files, get admission to databases, procedure XML, show a graphical user interface, draw pictures, use Web offerings, etc. The FCL wraps a whole lot of the big, complicated Win32 API into extra simple .NET objects that may be used by C# and other .NET programming languages.

Common Language Runtime (CLR) :

The CLR is the execution engine for .NET packages and serves because the interface between .NET applications and the working machine. The CLR affords many offerings together with:

  • Loads and executes code
  • Converts intermediate language to local machine code
  • Separates techniques and memory
  • Manages reminiscence and items
  • Enforces code and access protection
  • Handles exceptions
  • Interfaces between managed code, COM objects, and DLLs
  • Provides kind-checking
  • Provides code meta facts (Reflection)
  • Provides profiling, debugging, and so on.

.NET Tools :

Visual Studio .NET is Microsoft’s flagship device for developing Windows software. Visual Studio offers an included improvement surroundings (IDE) for developers to create standalone Windows applications, interactive Web sites, Web applications, and Web offerings going for walks on any platform that helps .NET.

In addition, there are many .NET Framework gear designed to help developers create, configure, set up, manage and comfy .NET applications and additives.


  • Rich capability out of the container
  • Easy Development of internet utility
  • OOPs Support
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-device Support
  • Automatic memory Management
  • Compatibility with com and com+
  • Strong XML Support
  • Easy Of Development and configuration
  • Security


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