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I’m naughty about Motorcycle Ear Plugs. This is partly because I don’t bother with them for my 30 mph commute, so putting them in isn’t a habit when I go for faster rides at weekends and I only realise my omission when the wind is roaring in my helmet.


It’s also because I find most Motorcycle Ear Plugs unsatisfactory. The foam kind muffles everything, while the Christmas-tree type with a series of rubber flanges blocks noise effectively but hurts my ears.


However, there is another option: custom-made silicone plugs, moulded to the shape of your ear canal. Motorcycle Ear Plugs from Earmold Sydney


After much mulling over, I decided to give them a try before my dislike of disposable Motorcycle Ear Plugs cost me my hearing. It took me a long time to make this decision, both because the expense is considerable compared to off-the-shelf earplugs and because the custom-fit Motorcycle Ear Plugs look so horrifying.


Ultimate Hearing Protection

There are several manufacturers of Motorcycle Ear Plugs in the UK (and many in the U.S.A.). I went for Earmold Sydney because they offer a discount, and I’d heard good things about their service from other members who’d tried Motorcycle Ear Plugs.


they make a wide range of products, not only for motorcyclists but for use in fields as diverse as shooting, swimming and attending heavy metal gigs.


Aimed specifically at bikers are the “Squidgy” plug at £59 for a pair, the ‘Soundear’ with built-in earphones at £170 the pair, and the single-unit ‘Monoear’ with earphone for £80. All are made in the UK from medical-grade silicone.


The obvious disadvantage of Motorcycle Ear Plugs is that you need to present your ear for a fitting, which means travelling to Ultimate Ear’s premises in Orpington, Kent; luckily that’s not far from where I live.


If you’re further afield, however, you can have an impression of your ear taken by an audiologist and sent to Ultimate; their website lists approved agents.


They also offer fittings at bike shows up and down the UK, but having members of the public stare at me while stuff gets poked in my ears has never appealed. Finally, if you’re a member of a bike club or have lots of biker colleagues, the company can send a representative to your club or workplace.

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