Most Powerfull Dewalt Power Tool

Most drills have a very tough plastic outer case for affordability and to resist breaking from drops. Drills work with drill bits which are inserted into the end of the drill and there are two types where one is for drilling holes and the other is for inserting or removing screws.

Dewalt Power Tools-

The Dewalt Power Tools, now available from USA, is ideal for use by professionals on job sites and is compact enough to fit inside most home workshops. In addition to cutting standard tiles this machine can also be used to cut porcelain and stone tiles.

Dewalt860-110mm tile cutter

The specification of that as follows-

Power-1300 W

Speed-13000 RPM

Wheel Dia- 110 MM

Max Depth of cut-34 MM

Bevel Capacity-0 to 45 degrees

Weight 2.7 kg

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