Mobile Phones not only used for communication

Mobile Phones not only used for communication

To communicate from anywhere at anytime to anybody, most of the people were using mobile phones. Not only for communication purpose, but also for using the wonderful features available in the mobile phones. It depends on which mobile phone model you are using. There are many mobile brands available in the market. Each brand having a lot of mobile models. They vary with their features.

The most commonly used mobile brands in India are as follows.

  • iPhone
  • HTC
  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi
  • Lenovo
  • Motorola
  • Vivo


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Smooth operating system upgrades

Being released less than a year ago, 83 percent of devices run iOS 7. Updates are available for all the users at the same time and quickly installed.

Sensible screen sizes

In recent years, Android phones have grown enormously in screen size. Some mobile having the display of 5.7 inches. It looks very comical while making a phone call.

iPhone remains normal in size. It makes us feel comfortable while making a call or texting messages.

Quick and easy to use

iPhone having the simple layout. Clear name, the symbol is given to the apps in the mobile.

Still the best looking phones on the market

iPhone remains as the best looking mobile on the market even after the completion of years. It is because of its sleek edges and the clean lines.

I am not trying to say that Android mobiles such as HTC, Samsung, Sony are having the worst design. I am just saying that iPhone having the unique and standard design. It cannot be varied in the upcoming models.

Easy integration with other Apple device

iPhone is very easy to integrate with other Apple devices. iCloud is extremely easy to set up. You just turn it on, enter your Apple id and share.

Security – Strict approach to platform

Hackers are impotent to sneak Trojanised applications into the iTunes store. The application in the google play store is filled with Trojanised applications by criminals.

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