Men’s formal shirts – it’s more than just formal

Men’s formal shirts are often thought as an important work wear. However, it is not only restricted to office premises any more, but you can wear it on various other occasions. Formal shirts are perfect for parties, walking the ramp or a wedding event. In fact, you can also wear it while getting married yourself. Its lean and perfect look puts a nice impression on others. Just choose the size, color and type according to what you will wear with your shirt. You might want it to look fancy or simple or a little stylish. You can have choices like stripes, plains and checks or designed. Make a right selection and a formal shirt can be a great choice for a prom night as well. It makes you look smart and mature.

It is said that a man’s dress reflects his persona, self-esteem and dignity. So when you wear a formal shirt, people looking at you may be able to judge your persona. They can sense a kind of maturity in your nature and behavior. As per their perception, you are a gentleman. This can be one advantage of wearing formal shirts. Remember, you are not always forced to wear a tie with it. Wearing or not wearing a tie is absolutely your personal choice, and should depend on the occasion you are attending. When wearing a tie, first choose the color of your shirt and then look for a matching tie and further accessorize it with cufflinks. Formal shirts also make a wonderful gift option.

Men formal shirts are also wonderful to wear with tuxedos rather than formal suits. Men choose this style to don a classy and elegant look, different from their everyday style. Here also, choosing the right shirt carefully is crucial. But, whether to wear a formal suit, a tuxedo or a casual one should depend on the nature of the event. If the event demands one to exude a more casual look, formals would take a back seat.

The material of shirt also makes an important selection criterion. Popular choices are cotton and silk, which are preferred for both casual and formal shirts. When it comes to color, the choice can be purely personal.

There are dress shirts too, which are designed to carry a jacket and tie. However you can choose it to wear without one. Various different types of collars and cuffs could be available. But, they cannot be short sleeved as longer sleeves are the pre-requisite of a dress shirt.

Shirts have evolved over the past years only to hold a prominent place in men’s wardrobe. This is one reason why you can now find a variety of colors, patterns and collar types than yesteryears plain ones.

Whatever the type, the shirt has to be made to fit your body. Too tight and too lose shirts can make you look out of the place. Therefore, it is advised to put extra emphasis while making a selection. While looking for options, consider online and offline stores like Balkin Fashion and others. You will get to choose from plenty of designs, cuts and patterns to match your preferences.

On the whole, your formal shirt can be your style partner at more than one occasion. Just make a smart choice and you will be the show stopper.

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