Mechanical Engineering Program offers Numerous Opportunities

Mechanical engineering plays a dominant role in enhancing safety, economic vitality and overall quality of the modern life across the globe. Mechanical engineers are concerned with the principles of force, energy and motion. These professionals have excellent knowledge of the design and manufacture of the mechanical systems, thermal devices and their processes. For instance: mechanical engineers design and manufacture engines and control systems for automobiles and aircraft, electric power generation plants, medical devices and so on.

Mechanical engineers are taken to be the ‘jack of all traders’, as such professionals have theoretical and practical knowledge on various sections like mathematics, physics, computer applications and many more. Some of the areas of specialization of this branch, as offered by the best engineering college in UP for that matter anywhere else in the country are discussed below.


This is one of the traditional subjects of this branch, and it deals with the design and operation of all kinds of engines and vehicle dynamics. It also includes the research, design and testing of alternative energy sources for vehicles. The professionals get the opportunity to work on power train dynamics, internal combustion engines, modeling fuel cell systems, and so forth.

Design & Manufacturing

The topics of this section are related to design, testing and manufacturing of consumer products. With this specialization subject, the engineers work on product design, tool engineering, machine tool control and programming and so on. Apart from that, they work on designing robotics and using computer graphics to model new products and devices.

Applied Mechanics

It is the theoretical, numerical and experimental study of the response of fluids and solids to external forces. Students of this subject learn topics like finite element analysis, fracture mechanics, advanced strength of materials, etc. In the professional field, these engineers try to understand the forces in structural components, work on smaller scale components such as prosthetic joints, and so on.

Dynamics, Vibrations & Controls

 These topics prepare the undergraduate engineers to understand various system components and how they interact as a part of mechanical system. The professionals work on control system design, mechatronics, fracture mechanics and so on.


Biomechanics is the science that examines forces acting upon and within a biological structure and the effects produced by such forces. The engineers in this field understand the mechanical functions of muscles, ligaments, cartilage and bones. They work to design tools and equipments in order to help people with physical disabilities.

Top university in UP for engineering offers quality education to the aspiring students. The institutes design the courses that are relevant with the present time and which will help the students in the professional field. Candidates seeking admission to this course must complete their 12th grade with the minimum percentage required, followed by other fixed norms.








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