Mango Ginger Cures Skin Disease and Other Ailments

Mango ginger resembles the shape of a ginger and its taste is similar to that of a raw mango. It cures skin diseases, treats metabolic problems and also offers other health advantages.

Curcuma amada, also known as mango ginger, is a popular plant of ginger family and it is also related to another herbal product namely turmeric. In fact, its uneven shape resembles a ginger but it basically tastes like a raw mango. It is available in diverse parts of South India like Coimbatore, Andhra Pradesh, Kochi and the like. All the expert farmers of Andaman Plantations of Andaman and Nicobar Islands employ advanced tools to harvest these products to cater to the increasing demands of the people across the nation.

Mango ginger is used as a popular spice and is also utilized to marinate the food. Like other popular spices, mango ginger is rich in medicinal properties and can be widely used for treating digestive issues. Here are a few health advantages that you can avail from this product.

Treat your skin disease

Because it has anti-microbial and anti-oxidant ingredients, mango ginger is widely used for the treatment of skin disease. In fact it removes the toxins from human body, improves the skin complexion as well as cures acne or other skin issues. It is also used in the preparation of cosmetics and various skin care products. Use two tea spoons of this juice prepared from this product with two teaspoons of rose water or milk. Blend the ingredients properly, apply the mixture on the face and keep it for twenty minutes.

Cures problem of itching

It is rich in anti-allergic ingredients that are effective in reducing the problem of itching. All you need is to mix two teaspoons of mango ginger with the coconut oil and then use it on the affected area.

Controls pain

It acts as a calming agent which helps you to decrease pain of your body successfully. You can mix turmeric with sesame oil and then heat it properly. Use this special oil to massage the body and reduces pain by all possible means.

Get rid of metabolic issues

According to the experts, mango ginger is valuable in curing the metabolic issues. It is rich in essential ingredients that avoid the growth of the triglycerides inside the body that can be ideal for treatment of metabolic complications. If you are diabetic then you may consume this product and prevent all kinds of complications.

Acts as an effective cough remedy

It is widely used as an expectorant to cure common cough and cold. It can also be used to prevent asthma as well as bronchitis attacks. You should blend dried turmeric powder with juice or water and drink this mixture to decrease your irritation related to cough and cold.

Decreases inflammation

It prevents the swelling of the joints because it contains huge amount of anti-inflammatory properties. It is often recommended by the experts to cure certain medical conditions such as swelling of the liver, joints and also swelling caused due to sprains, injuries and bruises.

Removes lice and dandruff

Mango ginger contains anti-fungal properties and is mostly used for removing lice as well as dandruff from the skull. In this way it proves to be effective for improving hair growth.

Andaman Plantations is one of the popular private planters of Andaman and Nicobar Islands dedicated in cultivating black pepper, cloves, vanilla, mango ginger, and areca nut and so on.

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