Manali Hot Picked Attractions for Honeymoon Couples

Manali is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations that the honeymoon couples can head for. This is one of the most picturesque locations of the Himachal Pradesh that is flanked by the valley of Kulu. In fact Kulu is known as the apple orchard of Himachal. The meandering roads across the mountains flanked by apple trees are one of the most pristine sights that you can get to see.

The romantic mountains along with the beautiful green valley remain to be the most appropriate romantic destinations for the honeymoon couples for ages. This is why we see that many trip making companies and hotels have come up with special Honeymoon Packages Manali that are designed to attract more number of newlywed couples. The other attractions of the place remains to be the beautiful Beas River, visit to Hidimba Devi temple, a trip to the Solang Valley, a drive to Manikaran Gurudwara and see the hot springs and feel the divinity of the place. More adventurous experiences will be a hike to Pandu Ropa and a day’s excursion on bike across the serene mountain ranges.

One can also go through the town shops and markets and can get a feel of the place and experience the rich culture of the Himachal. The people and the traditions of Kulu Manali remain to be very warm and welcoming, making Manali one of the best places to go for a vacation. Manali is a place that remains to be an attraction both during the summers and also during the winters. However the summers happen to be a more favourable time to visit the place. This is when the place is the most comfortable and also the most inviting. Hence the Manali summer packages happen to be quite lucrative. This is a time when the place happens to be most densely filled. In case reservations for hotels and travelling is not done well beforehand then it could lead to trouble for the people travelling. The hotels, the travel companies and also the aviation brands happens to be creating alluring packages, deals and offers that can attract a larger number of people.

The various Manali resort packages are designed so that they can accommodate a larger number people. This is why often different price brackets are created. In some of the resorts complimentary meals are included that acts as added attractions. These complimentary meals also prove to be economic for the guests of the hotel. The guests often compare the various packages and the deals that are offered by the various brands so that the best deals can be attained. This makes the packages of the various brands all the more competitive and attractive.

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