Maldives: An Escape

Maldives holiday packages

Looking for a quick and thrilling getaway? Maldives is the answer. Explore and experience Maldives that is sunny all year round, with white sandy beaches and paradise underwater, making it a perfect holiday destination. With our Maldives tour packages,we let you swim in warm and pristine waters of the Indian Ocean and indulge in relaxing activities.

We offer you a splendid solution of enjoying the beaches with our Maldives packages. We give you a number of reasons to visit this exceptional destination. They are:

Underwater Adventures:

It can be said that a great number of tourists come with the intention of scuba diving and snorkelling here. The crystal clear water offers a great opportunity to underwater enthusiasts to explore and witness the fish and corals.

Local Maldives:

Maldives is not only blessed with white sandy beaches, the sun and the sea, but also a rich heritage in culture and traditions. You can go island hopping or visit ancient villages that sell handicrafts or souvenirs. On your journey you can even say hello to the locals, or try the local cuisine or even watch some traditional performances.

Local Cuisine

Speaking of cuisines; do try the Maldivian cuisine. Being surrounded by water and a tropical destination, most of the dishes are a made of fish and coconut. However, these come in a variety of preparations. Fish can be replaced with chicken and is served with a curry that has coconut and is laden with flavours.

Romantic Destination

Maldives offers a romantic getaway for couples. Here, you can find a number of resorts designed for couples beginning their new lives together. These resorts even serve as an escape for couples to spend some quality time together. So, take a walk along the beach with your loved one or indulge in a traditional meal or even relax at the spa.

National Museum:

The National Museum has been attracting tourists for years now. Located in Sultan Park, the palace turned museum houses a variety of antiques. You find old manuscripts, ornaments and dresses that were worn by kings and queens. At the museum you can learn all about the history of the Maldives.


In Maldives, you can sit in a Dhoni- a Maldivian designed boat that is used for fishing or to transport goods. The Dhoni is ideal for leisure cruising and for fishing. Dhonis can be great fun, especially with friends competing to catch fish.

Hukuru Miskiiy Mosque:

When you visit Maldives, you shouldn’t miss out on this mosque. It is also known as the Friday Mosque and is the oldest in the country. This is the ideal place to discover and understand Islamic culture and history.

So come and experience paradise. Maldives is truly worth a visit. To book your Maldives holiday packages at Cox & Kings.

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