Life undergoes a sea change when school life ends and it’s time to step into college life. This transitory phase of life teaches us a lot and makes us stronger than before. A student has to take big decisions regarding his/her career, at this stage a student can come under a lot of pressure, and most of us have experienced this, haven’t we?. Choosing the right career path becomes the pivotal question of our lives. You meet different people, you talk to them, each of them comes up with different career options and you become even more confused and chaos prevails. Months before you were in a school, enjoying the carefree days of your life but now it’s time to care for the days of your life, this decision might affect your entire career and the pressure builds up.
But, this is not the time to lose your calm, instead put yourself together and face the reality. Don’t let opinions of others take over you; don’t let their decisions completely affect you. Yes, you may look for advice but that doesn’t mean blindly following, keep your interest and abilities in mind, think whether you can go forward with that career choice or not. Because, it is ultimately you who has to take up the journey and face its ups and downs. Do thorough researches before you take any decision, look at the pros and cons and the prospects of a course. Half- hearted efforts will never help in the long run. Suppose you opt for best engineering college in haryana, see that you are very sure about it, and do not get swayed away by the opinion of any relative or friend. Engineering offers a variety of branches, sort out the branch which interests you the most, which you will enjoy, this in turn will make the whole process easier and more fruitful. What is the point in getting into a course where you cannot give your 100 %, it affects hampers your work efficiency and things become even more burdensome.
Peer-pressure is another factor which influences a student’s decision, we get influenced by the career choice of our friends and without giving it a proper thought we take up that career, but is this helpful?, No it isn’t , your peer’s interest and abilities may differs from yours, they might do well but what about you? How far will we be able to survive without any interest in it? Think about it. Our interest and abilities must be the scale for choosing a career, yes, you may take counseling and advice, but don’t act upon it without proper thinking. No one knows you better than you, so it is important that you take such decisions keeping yourself in mind.

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