Make disable to McAfee Antivirus when it crashes your computer

McAfee antivirus and security is a set of latest anti-malware programs called security software and antivirus product, which used to provides the internet security and system safety to your system. It is one of the best of antivirus and internet security software, which have the various security features with the upgraded techniques. The user can use to keep secure their computer device from unwanted and unknown threats, virus, malware, spyware so that it may not damage to saved data, files, directly and functions of your computer system while user using the internet.


A computer device without McAfee antivirus is very prone to threats and virus, virus and other threats are easily attack on insecure computer device. In this post we are sharing the instructions to disable the McAfee antivirus when it crashes to your computer device. Follow us on Facebook


  • Start the computer device and go to main menu
  • Open the McAfee Product from all programs if you are using windows
  • Go to the McAfee antivirus settings
  • Open Protection settings under the Protection section
  • Click on enable and disable web protection and real time protection
  • After open select disable
  • Click on save to apply the changes


The McAfee security product easily disable after applied the above process, if in some cases is to be not disable then you can remove it from your device to apply the uninstall process. After fix the problem (crashing problems) of your computer device again install to your McAfee Product to protect your sensitive data and business computers.


Hope, these above steps are helpful to you, if you want to talk with the experts of McAfee antivirus help centre then you will need contact details so, visit to find the contact details. Contact to McAfee antivirus customer support phone number to get the solutions of McAfee Product issues this help service is available 24/7 for your help.


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