love marriage and arranged marriage

In India mostly marriages are arranged by parents. In India marriage are done by caste system.
The upper caste families didn’t want to marry their children outside their community and caste.
Love marriages are not allowed in India. But now the Indian families are familiars with the concept
of love marriages. In India there are too many website for marriages but is best
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apnahumsafar is believe that both marriages (love and arranged) are good if we found life partner.
In Indian society love and arranged marriages are still a debatable topic. Indian peoples are still
confused between love marriage and arranged marriage. Media and education changed Indian peoples mind.
but some people still think that love marriages are wrong and they preferred arranged marriages.
Young and educated peoples realized that they have the right to choose their
life partner without any social pressure and is the best way to find your life partner.
because is best free matrimonial, online matchmaking, Punjabi matrimony, marriage,
shadi site in India. In arranged marriage parents deciding your life partner, but in love marriage you choose your
life partner. In arranged marriage both( girl and boy) of you know each other after marriage, but in love marriage
both of you know each other before marriage. In arranged marriage both families always stand for you in all
situation , but in love marriage they will never stand for you. In arranged marriage before deciding anything
the parents check the family background and financial stability which is very important for successes marriage,
but in love marriage the value of family background and financial stability is not matter. So some time in love marriage
after some time or after many years they find their partner not suitable and they break-up.
Successful marriage is all about understanding and respect each other’s feelings. Love marriages and
arranged marriages both are successful if they give respect and understanding each other’s needs and desires and enjoy your
life with your life partner…….

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