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Glass bonding adhesives (or glass glue) are generally UV curable adhesives that cure within seconds when they are exposed to ultraviolet light. Due to its rapid curing properties and ability to withstand high stress, these adhesives are widely used in manufacturing of products that involve glass. They are widely used by medical industry used in the production of medical devices. They are used to bond large assemblies like glass, metal, plastics, acrylics as well as ceramics. Due to their long shelf life and outstanding gap filling quality, glass glue is perfect for bonding glass bevels and also structural glass bonding.

Not all UV adhesives perform in the same manner. There are many factors that determine the speed of UV adhesives, such as type of UV bulb, magnitude of UV light and transmission of light.

Parson Adhesives provides one of the most reliable products for glass bonding. The PARLITE® range of Glass Bonding adhesives have exceptional transparency and solidity, making it suitable for all types of glassware production. They are known for their durability and excellent resistance to any kind of environment. PARLITE® has multiple categories of curable adhesives, particularly for glass bonding, windshield repair, optical devices and medical equipment.

PARLITE® Glass Bonding Adhesives

  • 4123: Useful in structural glass bonding. Ideal for decoration.
  • 4127: Low viscosity but flexible and clear. Suitable for bonding glass bevels.
  • 4134: High viscosity with strong shear strength that is ideal to bond decorative glass articles
  • 4145: Cures with UV as well as heat. Highly suitable for deep curing of metals to glass.
  • 4152: Effective in fixing plastics, glass and metal. Exceptionally strong and visible light curable property.



  • 4200: Strong penetration power to fix paper-thin cracks.
  • 4220: Very low viscosity useful in repairing bull’s eye and fine cracks.
  • 4500: High adhesive properties, specialized in star and bull’s eye repair.

PARLITE® Adhesives for Optical Assembly

  • 4435: Bonds with both glass and metals. UV and heat curable adhesive useful in multiple deep optical curing.
  • 4450: Exceptionally strong with good shear strength and high viscosity.

PARLITE® UV Adhesives for Medical Devices

  • 4025: Specialized adhesive with a high viscosity suitable for intravenous/hypodermic tube sets, oxygenators, reservoirs, diagnostics electronics, etc.
  • 4027: Effective use in face masks, tube sets, breathing circuits, resuscitator bags, etc.
  • 4031: Usually useful in breathing circuits, butterfly sets and masks. Has strong adhesion properties.

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