London Minicab Service

Apart from public transports like train and tube London can manage Minicab services entire the city. Nowadays Minicab services play a vital role as an important transport for the people of London. Daily passengers, students and tourists coming from all over the world like choose minicabs for their destinations. Different types of cabs are there to support the service. The black taxis have been an important part of the public transportation system of London since several centuries ago. Despite the introduction of other forms of public transportation over the years, such as the double-decker bus and the Underground, they are still one of the most preferred commuting options among residents and tourists in the British capital today.The unique appearance and long history have made them one of the most recognizable services of London, and taking a ride in them can be considered an attraction in itself. People of London must agree with the joyous journey in minicabs and other services provided by the taxi service companies.

There were private hire vehicles in London as early as the 17th century, but these vehicles for hire came in the form horse-drawn carriages. As taxi service is emerging as a popular business, Government is trying to ensure the safety of passengers. TheBritish government has enforced the Conditions of Fitness which is required for all vehicles. All the minicabs which will be introduced must will undergo inspection before they ply their trade. These requirements are being modified years after years because the usage of cabs is increasing daily. From 1930 onwards, all London black vehicles have been built by British manufacturers such as Morris, Austin, Winchester, and Beardmore. The best known among these taxis are the FX3 and FX4 from Austin. Now new taxis provide better accommodations for drivers and passengers.Driving minicabs is a popular job also. Students from every corner in London take preparation to get a license. They take exam showing their potentials. The service life of London taxis is usually between 10 and 12 years. After retirement, they may continue to provide transportation service in other UK cities where taxi regulations are less stringent, or they may end up in the garages or showrooms of classic car collectors.

The availability of minicab for a new comer in London or people not having the idea about minicabs is an issue. You can see cabs passing by you one after another but single cab is not available for you. Some companies can feel your helplessness. For avoiding such hindrances the providers and some websites has brought facilities that can help you. In these websites you can find the lists of journey time and fares. You can put your journey details once they will reach you. Drivers,who have legal license, can register their name also to get a job. Whenever you want a cab make order with your place timing and fares. There is nothing to worry about the fares because cab suppliers think about your ability to spend. Taking the service enjoy you journey to office, college or tourist spots in London.For more details please visit

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