Life Hacks on Preserving a Carpet

It is no secret that in every single thing in this world, proper cleaning, care, and maintenance are the secret in prolonging its life. This even applies to nature and human life. Without proper maintenance and care, anything will reach its expiration date quicker than it’s supposed to. In the case of carpet floors, improper maintenance can definitely lead to its untimely death too. Aside from that, poorly maintained carpet floors will make your home look drab and dirty instead of cozy and luxurious. In addition, such floors can even be dangerous especially to your health. Who doesn’t want to sit or step on a nice and soft carpet? With proper care though, that wonderful softness will disappear in a blink of an eye and in its stead will be a rough, shriveled up rag you won’t even recognize. Matted down carpet fibers filled with grease, stains, dust and other dirt is plainly disgusting. You can only imagine the different bacteria and microorganisms that hide in your carpet grease and stains!


Most people don’t really know how to clean their carpet properly. Actually, it’s pretty easy to do basic carpet cleaning with the right tools and the right information. Some tricks you can use are the following:

  1. Surface cleaning

Using a standard vacuum, you can keep your carpet surfaces clean. This will enable you to get certain amounts of human and pet hair. In most cases, this is enough to take care of fallen hair issues. If you want deeper carpet cleaning, you may need a specialized vacuum with certain functions that is not common among normal vacuum. For instance, these deep carpet cleaner vacuums can even get rid if sand and grit that makes their way down to the bottom of your carpet fibers. In most cases, if you want proper carpet maintenance, you will need this deep cleaning function or else your carpet can end up damaged. As small and as insignificant as they may seem, sand and grit can cut your carpet fibers causing an early collapse. If you don’t have this kind of function in your vacuum, you may want to consider hiring some people that offer Calgary cleaning services to do the task.

  1. Shampooing

In order to maintain carpet quality, you will need to get the carpet thoroughly washed at least once in every six months. This task is better done by professionals, however. Rug cleaning professionals can make sure the shampooing can be done thoroughly without causing damages to your carpet. For sure in just six months, there will be a build-up of grease and stains caked with other dirty particles. Your rug cleaning expert will use a washing method with a brush and dry foam. This method may look simple but it can get rid of oil and stains that are embedded in your carpet. Other methods may include steam cleaning which also gets rid of unwanted filth from your carpet floor.

Whatever care you give to your carpet, always make sure that it is something expert carpet cleaners advise. Don’t just try to perform maintenance without any information because it can do more harm than good sometimes. The best thing you can do is to consult a professional carpet cleaner when needed.

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