Let’s talk about designer jewellery

Jewellery has always been an essential part of a woman’s attire and it’s just an add-on to the beauty of their presence but if you need a new something with sparkle, but do not want to pay the price of fine jewellery, then it is time to shop for some fashion jewellery. Fashion jewellery adds sparkle without breaking your bank.

Fashion jewellery will allow you to dress up any outfit, whether it is dressy or casual or you need some Indian inspired jewellery. You can find fashion jewellery for all sorts of tastes, from hip-hop, contemporary or classic retro jewellery in style.

Fashion jewellery, is also referred to as costume jewellery and has been popular for almost eighty years. It allows the wearer to accessorize her favorite clothing without having to go deep into debt spending money that one can ill afford to spend.

Fashion jewellery’s materials and quality vary widely. Jewellery made in other countries can contain lead however, most American fashion jewellery is made of an alloy which has been electroplated with gold, silver or other fine metals so that it looks great. Stones can be made of plastic or glass with more expensive pieces containing cubic zirconia or semi-precious stones. Usually the more expensive costume jewellery will have thicker plating on the outside of the metal

Fashion jewellery can be found in almost any piece that fine jewellery can be found. Stones are available in a wide variety of colors. Interestingly enough, in earlier times, costume jewellery was designed to be worn with one specific outfit and disposed with the outfit. Of course, many people kept the jewellery and it has become the delight of collectors.

From 1940 to 1960, the stars wore fashion jewellery and copies could be bought at the local variety stores. If you fell in love with an item that a star wore, a trip to the local store could make that piece yours. Copies of items worn by Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Lee, Jane Russell or Bette Davis were affordable for common women to own and wear.

In the past few years, layering of clothing has become popular in fashion alongside layer bracelets and necklaces, three or four at a time. Just that combining complimentary colors of clothing to the jewellery is a must. Choosing a theme for all of your pieces can help you get the better attire. Textures or colors should match or go for the eclectic look, as long as there is no clash between colors and textures. After all, you may be the beginning of the newest style.

Conclusively, it can be said that designer jewellery has taken a drastic turn in the industry in the past few years. Costume jewellery and animal jewellery designs are easily available in markets today, that too, in many different price ranges. So until it’s not too expensive to be bought, it can be added to any wardrobe.

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