Let yourself unearth another you through experimental photography

Different from all, The Space At 9/2 ideates unique photo shoots that attract people with newness.

First and foremost, let’s discuss the art of photography briefly. Photography is all about creating durable images by recording light either electronically by means of an image sensor or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material.

The word “photography” was created by the Greeks and its root has a deep connection with the ancient world. Phōs means “light” and graphé is “lines” or “diagram”, together the meaning is “drawing or diagram with light”.

However, this is the time to enjoy a smart phone. Today, shooting and sharing photographs are just depending on a touch of your finger. Each and every one is more or less fascinated about photography and visual imagery in some form or another. Nevertheless, photography is a powerful tool to communicate a message or tell a story to the viewer. From pictures on social media to advertising campaigns, whether it is a selfie or a model photo shoot the passion about photography is has been viral today.

We each have a camera- phone with us. Maybe shooting pictures every day, but how many of us know the different styles of photography? the Space at 9/2 Kolkata has innovative ideas and thoughts that can easily change an object through the art of photography.

There are different genres and styles of photography that would boost our knowledge about the art of shooting pictures. Let us develop our knowledge understanding different kinds of photography and its execution briefly.

Aerial Photography:

As soon as our flight takes off, we are always excited to shoot the landscape or city scene below which gives us a perks of taking a picture from above. So, images that are snapped from above are known as aerial photography.

Architectural photography:

Capturing an interesting form, posture, structure, shape or colour of the creature can be visually a treat for eyes or mind. Therefore visuals of buildings that are interesting included to this genre. We can include interiors or exteriors of buildings and even a tantalizing element of the design. The two challenging features for photographers while shooting buildings are: Lighting and image deformity.

Candid photography:

This is one of the most acclaimed and popular genre of photography. Moments captured naturally or instinctively as they happen are known as candid photography. Usually, in this case, the subjects are not aware of the photographer, so they appear very spontaneously. Wedding photography is a perfect example of this type of photography.

Fashion photography:

This style or form of photography is typically used to sell something and lures customers by doing the beautification of the product. They are generally very vibrant, creative and visually attractive and can be captured in any location like a studio, an apartment, a rundown building or anywhere in outdoors.

A fashion photographer should always ready and attentive in advance. The location, lighting, makeup, stylists and the model play is very significant in this genre of photography. However, as it involves a lot of teamwork and mind mapping, one should also be open to ideas and suggestions.

Space at 9/2 is a studio focusing on conceptual events, space design, and photography and passionate about making something beautiful.

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