Learn the Art of Software Testing from WebTek Labs

Get enrolled to WebTek Labs offers software testing course that offers in-depth knowledge on software testing and helps you to excel in your career as software tester.

Software testing process is associated with software development to ensure that software applications run in an expected way. WebTek Lab’s software testing course has covered a complete knowledge about software testing.

Software testing is largely associated with development of software or applications and it ensures that these applications run properly. In other words, software testing is an essential process that helps to improve quality of software by all possible means. IT companies, in fact, are in demand for proficient software testers who actually can help them identify software bugs as well as errors and help the applications to run successfully. Under any circumstance, it is not desirable that software applications run with errors and therefore software testing becomes essential at times of developing these applications. Keeping pace with the need of experienced software professionals, training institutes also have come up with software testing programs in Kolkata to offer basic knowledge about this testing process. A premium IT training institute such as WebTek Labs also has introduced an effective software testing program that covers up all areas of software process.

As far as profits of software companies are concerned, this type of testing offers wide ranging benefits because this testing process fixes all sorts of software issues to ensure its reliability for the users. This type of testing offers multiple advantages that include:

• Identifying errors as well as bugs of software application before they go into the hands of users
• Ensuring the fact the software applications offer desirable outcomes in terms of client satisfaction
• Improving the overall performance of software applications
• Finding out if the software application shows any fault or error

Those who are proficient in software testing process are able to identify both non-functional as well as functional errors related to software applications. In fact, these applications are developed in a complicated way that comprises diverse programming structures. In fact, software testing program of WebTek Labs discusses theoretical and technical aspects of this discipline. In pursuit of this type of process, diverse methodologies are introduced in order to identify defects of applications that are as follows:

• Functional testing
• Unit Testing
• Integration Testing
• Stress Testing
• Functional Testing
• Performance testing

In fact, each type of testing is designed in a way so as to identify software mistakes in diverse phases of software development. For example, performance is a special testing procedure that helps in identifying software’s non-functional mistakes. This type of testing can be included to detect software’s quality parameter like stability, speed, reliability as well as scalability.

The premium institute such as WebTek Labs has rightly included all the areas of this testing process so that the students can get comprehensive knowledge about diverse types of testing techniques. In fact, this institute also has developed new ways of conducting diverse software testing techniques. For instance, processes such as spike testing,load testing, soak testing are included to conduct performance testing techniques.

In a nutshell, WebTek Labs has also made a strong position in the field of providing a software testing training with an aim to make students proficient in detecting software errors. On completion of the course, the students also have the guarantee of getting placement assistance so that they can excel in their career in the best possible way.

WebTek Labs has gained prominence in offering IT training programs.The courses, offered by this institute include cloud computing and software testing course in Kolkata, Delhi and Hyderabad.

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