Land Rover Car Parts In London

Nowadays Land Rover means a brand though out the world. LR is a British company which came into market for military use specially in England, Australia and in America. But at present Land Rover has become famous for passenger car. Company is successful to launch new models according to market demand. Thus Land Rover is unfurling its name all over the world. Although the brand is being modified from 1948 when its first model was introduced, Land Rover as a company got its position in 1978. Rover Company was subsequently occupied by the Rover-Triumph division of the British Leyland Motor Corporation following Leyland Motor Corporation’s takeover of Rover in 1967.

The recent financial success of the original LR series models, and finally the Range Rover in the decade of 1970 is praiseworthy.  British Leyland were broken up and privatised. In 1994 Rover Group was won by BMW. In 2000 Land Rover Group was broken up by BMW and Land Rover was sold to Ford Motor Company, as a part of its earlier Automotive Group. In 2006 Ford purchased the Rover brand from BMW. Rover and Land Rover brands were collaborated for the first time in 2000 when the Rover group was broken up by BMW. In 2008, Indian motor company known as Tata Motors purchased both LR and jaguar from Ford. Upto theAugust 2012, most production of LR was designed by Ford engines. Following terms of the acquisition, Tata will be able to buy engines from Ford until 2019. In 2011, Tata confirmed plans that they are investing $559 million to build an engine unit plant in the British West Midlands. It was only stated that the plant will produce four-cylinder engines. So far was the history of Land Rover and its business associates. Purchasing a car today is not so problematic but when it is grow old and a repair is required then some issues arise. There are many shops which sell parts of LandRover and many garages where cars are renovated. But this is not enough for high profile cars. As a costly car LR needs some genuine care with original parts. But some shops are now delivering suitable packages according to requirement. You should aware of terms and conditions given by the shop keepers or parts distributors. What kind of warranty and price they fix, should be under stood. If you want your LandRover in peak condition go to a shop and read the product instruction.

Though it is true that every company or shops try to provide their best service to catch the market, but mistake sometime goes inevitable. So choose right options. There are many online sellers who sell genuine parts of LR in London. They can understand your choice and wish to allocate special treatment. But you cannot get these information without visiting websites or experienced people. Such websites are there who can supply you required information. If you are in London just browse net to collect particulars of your Landrover and make a reconstruction of your beloved car. For more details please  visit

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