Ladakh – Offbeat Things to Do

Whenever anybody mentions Ladakh, the first image that comes to mind is a road trip, quickly followed by trekking and adventure. Visiting this well-known tourist destination is a dream come true for tourists from across the world. Most tours will take you to the prominent sites, but with our Ladakh tour packages, you get to take the path less taken and experience Ladakh like a local. Come along and check out some of the hidden treasures of this beautiful landscape.



Get some peace of mind and cut away from the maddening world around. Enjoy some soul therapy at the Vipassana camp where you can try out some meditation for the body, mind and soul. The quietude around will help you connect with yourself. You can sign up for a soulful experience with Vipassana and feel the peace set in.



At an altitude of 10,000 feet, Uletokpo serves as a great stopover to get accustomed to the altitude and climate of Ladakh. For a more rustic experience, you can stay in tents or cottages while you’re here. Wake up to gorgeous views of snow-clad mountains and the sounds of the gushing Indus. Take on a trek to the beautiful Rizong Monastery or visit the 11th century Yundrung Monastery around Uletokpo.


Live the Life of a Lama

Ladakh is popular for housing numerous monasteries. But did you know that you can enjoy a stay at some of them? Put yourself up at any of the big monasteries of Ladakh – Hemis Monastery, Lamauru and Thiksey, and enjoy the superb accommodation they offer tourists. Observe the simple and disciplined life of the Lamas and enjoy exposing yourself to way of living you’ve never known.


Chumathang Hot Springs

A journey to Ladakh can be very challenging for some visitors. Make a stop at the Chumathang village to revive your body as well as your soul from exhaustion and fatigue from all the travelling. The warm spring waters act as a natural cure for your tired body and any mountain sickness.


Tso Moriri

Located in the Changthang region, Tso Moriri is a great spot for bird watching. Grab your camera and stay on alert as you look up in the hope of capturing some of the many avian species that live around here. Spot the crested grebe, ruddy shelduck, bar-headed goose and more. This bird haven will leave you totally spellbound.


So come with us on our Ladakh tours and explore places you’ve never seen before!

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