KOBWA L28T Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

KOBWA L28T is a wrist wearable Mini & Lightweight smart fitness tracker. This fitness tracker
has been brought to the market by KOBWA.
KOBWA fitness tracker Comfortable to wear as it is made of the anti-allergy supplies and the
standard buckle design gives you the option to regulate caliber for your grade A fit, ensuring you
a comfortable experience.
KOBWA smart fitness tracker able to count your every foot step and track your distance that you
passed away through walking or jogging. It is enough smart to calculate your calories that you
lost through walking, jogging and work out. On the other hand it can monitor how long sleep,
sleep quality etc.
it is a multifunctional fitness tracker that doing some great job .It will notify of your incoming
phone call, text message and social media notification .It has Vibration reminder, if you sitting
long periods, alarm clock .It also allowing users to define and add another life reminder such as
taking pills on time.
KOBWA smart fitness tracker has OLED smart screen that displays data and information,
including the number and name of incoming calls or SMS. It has 55 mAh Lithium polymer
battery chargeable with USB and it takes about 2 hours makes battery fully charged.
KOBWA fitness tracker compatible with Android 4.3 or higher and iOS 7.0 or above. This
fitness tracker comfortable with Bluetooth 4.0 and connection range is about 5 to 10 meters. The
Wristband fitness tracker is the best fitness tracker in the digital world andKobwa X7 IP67 Wristband fitness
trackers is the great tracker that has lot of feature that make your daily life activity too first as you want & here
describes some feature that’s need able for you.
Cool Heart Rate Performance: This  fitness tracker reviews is the great tracker that can easily remote your HR beat and
gives you accurate performance as you want.
Nice Fitness Tracker Activity : This tracker can easily count your steps as well as walking, running; cycling etc. and
you will get perfect result and keep you active.
Easy to Read Monitor: This smart best fitness tracker wristband with OLED screen that  show time date, calls
notification with cool vibration that to remind you and it also have function such as step gauge, distance, calorie
consumption that you done in a day.
Nice Look: This smart wristband fitness tracker is so gorgeous that make you overall smart with your wrist, with
favorite colors that you choose.
Comfortable to Use: This best fitness tracker is free to heavy weight and its too lightweight that make you very
comfortable to use it, for that there is no chance to doubt about uncomfortable.
Active Technology: This device has great technology that give you useful advantages with Ceramic Chip Antenna
with Bluetooth 4.0 and suitable for Android 4.3 or higher gadget and iOS 7 or Plus and its relative apps are available
in the digital apps stores that easily combined with your device.
Water Resistant: It’s nice to cool water resistance so for that you can easily use it @ your daily rough uses and for
better life time it’s suitable to avoid @ shower and swimming or diving. If you learn more please visit here

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