Killer Carpet Cleaning Tips Should You Need More

If you would like to maximize your flooring investment, all you need to do is to take care of your carpets properly and you should be secured with great flooring for the next ten years or so or until you figured out you need a new one.


The Internet contains articles on how to do efficient carpet cleaning, and your manuals provide specific precautionary methods you should take. Then again, we figured there are some other things you have to know about your carpets.


Don’t Walk On Your Bare Feet

You probably think that it is better to walk on your carpets without any shoes on. well, it’s better in the sense that you don’t bring the outside dirt and soil home. However, taking your shoes off can also cause damage to your carpet floors. You may not notice it right away but the moisture from your feet or lotion can stick to the fabric piles. This can lead to the formation of bacteria and odor after some time. If you must, wear clean indoor slippers.

On Pets

If you have pets at home, you don’t have to go overboard with them wearing shoes and slippers. Well you can but not necessarily, although you may have to look after your dogs’ paws especially when they’ll be entering the house with dirty feet. Make sure they’re clean and dry t avoid dirt clinging to your carpets.

On Deo Powders

One way to make your carpets smell great is by applying deodorizers, although using them more frequently than necessary can cause you more trouble than good. These powders can cause build up regular vacuum cleaners just can’t pick up. Well, if you insist on using these hacks to keep your carpets smelling fresh, then do regular vacuum cleaning. It may not remove all the debria altogether, but it’s better than allowing the powder to set in. However, if your goal is to remove nasty odors from your carpet, call a professional carpet cleaning company.


Steam Cleaning

For some reason, water doesn’t do carpets any good unless they’re dried out completely. Steam cleaning carpets can clean your fabric piles on the surface but improper use may cause more damage than good. Make sure you read both your carpet cleaner and carpet’s manuals for further instructions.


Clean Spots and Stains Immediately

Even when carpets don’t seem as dirty as they actually are, cleaning your carpet floors should be a matter of concern. If you get spills and stains on your carpet, attend to them right away and don’t let any spots set in. The longer you take before cleaning, the tougher the stains would be.

Homemade Cleaners

If you run out of commercial spot cleaners, don’t fret. You can use a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar to clean the stains. Hydrogen peroxide would also work well with some scrubbing. Just let the carpet dry and vacuum the spot as soon as your cleaner dries out.

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