Join the People WHO Shape the Future

Power Plus USA: A Company shifting the Telemarketing Industry – and professional development at the same time.


Join the People WHO Shape the Future


With the change of seasons comes a new opportunity to venture into more exciting professional grounds. The desire of joining a top-notch workforce that´s recognized among businesses and entrepreneurships as a cutting edge Telemarketing solution provider might be the right move for a young, enthusiastic individual. That kind of talent is something that many companies seek after, but very few actually manage to retain due to many factors – which can be resumed in the lack of a fun and competitive working environment that encourages every member to exceed their top performance each year. Thanks to its out-of-the-box philosophy, Power Plus USA makes this – and much more – come true.


Power Plus USA is integrated by a workforce of motivated men and women who dedicate themselves to provide each and every one of the company´s clients the best assets and the most effective Telemarketing Solutions for their specific needs. Our company is committed in providing the tools for groundbreaking companies that wish to expand their reach on the ever-growing US market. Power Plus USA is right there to help the achieve that with an experienced group of professionals lead by time-proven, effective and adaptable policies.


How do we achieve that? First, thru a selective process where the most proactive, business-oriented and quick witted individuals are selected for the induction process. Then, after carefully planned Smart team recruitment, those candidates are designated to work and develop themselves in specific areas – all of them with a constant dedication to achieving excellence and a constant delivering of top performance to each and every one of the company´s customers.


What better than becoming a part of such a top-notch workforce that is recognized year after year as one of South Florida´s leading Telemarketing solution companies for modern day businesses and entrepreneurships? Even better, there´s a reward policy available to those work members with the right set of skills and a desire to become a living example of professional development in a fun working environment. What´s even better is the constant friendly competition that keeps things interesting and dynamic while attending every challenge our clients bring to us with the confidence they will be completed in record time.


During this seasonal change, it would be a smart choice to grab this opportunity to join a team of mindset people who believe in a better tomorrow, creating – and taking control of – the future others can only dream of. Are you ready for the next big step in your career? We think you are. Get in touch with us, we´ll be more than happy to talk more about this huge step and show you the possibilities that the future holds.



If you or your company are interested in Power Plus USA´s services, you can visit their website at They are located in 4701 W Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, FL. 33614.

Interested in joining the company? Contact them directly via email: or by Telephone:+1 (813) 418 5266 | Fax: 845 694 5738

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