Jawbone UP2 Best Fitness Tracker

Jawbone UP2 Band is the smoothest wristband best waterproof fitness tracker you can find in the market today. With its slim form, it becomes stylish and complementary to both men and women. It can perfectly blend in with your work attire, nightlife attire and even at your sleeping attire. It comes in three sizes which makes it convenient for people who find it hard to look for the perfect fit of such item for them.

Unlike other branded wristband trackers out there, what many people like about Jawbone UP2 Band is its usefulness, visual appeal and a more informative approach. It tracks your performance every now and then, records these data and analyzes and compares these data over time. Aside from that, it as well compares your daily activities from your sleeping habit. Jawbone UP2 Band has really made it easier, simple, more automated and more enjoyable to review, see and compare your data.

Features of this Jawbone UP2 Band:

  • It features a comfortable texture of rubber.
  • It simply and silently document and collects data until you pick up your smart phone, open the app for Jawbone, move the data and review the information.
  • Redesigned button on the edge of band to reduce the incident of it getting stuck on clothes.
  • Features a power nap which uses data from the normal cycle of your sleep at night in order to identify the most number of minutes for a power nap beneath thirty minutes. You could initiate this power nap through a button series being pressed on the wristband.
  • Provides an inactivity reminder. Jawbone UP Band will vibrate once it has determined that you have come across the time of being inactive. However, you can still configure this in the UP app.
  • Activity Tracker. Jawbone UP Band features advanced sensors which capture how you sleep, move and a lot more. In time that you connect the UP app to your tracker, you can now see a bigger perspective of your health.
  • Reach your daily goals. Jawbone UP band can help you make better decisions in your daily life and over time, these small triumphs can develop a new and better you.
  • Smart Coach. Jawbone UP Band is proud that it is only their system that has this Smart Coach. Smart Coach is being referred to as a fitness partner. It is an intelligent guide which aids you make at least 1 healthy selection each day. Moreover, it is exceptionally useful in delivering measurements displaying you’re the meaning behind the digits.

Jawbone UP2 Bands come in three unique trackers for different purposes. The UP2 move is the tracker for people who want to attain fitness. Choose your color from the different available colors of this best waterproof fitness tracker, wear it and start moving. It will help you get fit and lose weight while having fun in what you’re doing. The UP2 is specially designed to achieve better move, sleep and eat. Through keeping this item on your wrist, you will be motivated to improve your every day and night activities. The UP 3, on the other hand, is said to be the most advanced tracker since it can recognize your hear health, your sleep advancement and your workout.

Technical information

  • Brand: Jawbone
  • Model: UP
  • Year: 2013
  • Weight: 22g
  • Dimensions:  18x11x4 (cm)
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS devices
  • Other Features: Led indicators, build-in battery
  • USB charger included: Yes
  • Battery: Lithium
  • Available colors: 7
  • Battery kife-time: 14400 minutes

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