Insulation of Honeycomb Blinds

This article contains details on honeycomb insulated blinds and windowed short lines.

Tissue selection can have a significant impact on visual and thermal performance for cellular nuances and quilts. Ask your retailer or supplier of products for product-specific thermal and visual performance based on weaving, color, weight and material type.

Automation (motors, sensors, remote controls) can have a significant impact on performance and cost; For more details, see our information sheet on window automation.

The description:

Insulated honeycomb blinds and quilted roller shutters offer all the benefits of conventional blinds and shutters, but offer significantly better thermal performance, especially in cold climates. Both provide insulation by effectively trapping air in their cores as well as between the shadow or the blind and the window. Both are available with a layer of metalized polyester (radiant barrier) to further increase thermal insulation. Insulated shades and blinds with a reflective exterior surface reduce unwanted solar heat gain. To save energy, shades, and blinds must be deployed.

Insulated Honeycomb Blinds:

Insulated honeycomb blinds are made of pleated material and are designed to fold, accordion-like, usually at the top of the window, but sometimes at the top or bottom, providing maximum control, View, and privacy of the day. Some isolated shades contain several layers of air in a honeycomb cross-section. Isolated honeycomb blinds are usually installed inside the window opening. The best performing cellular products integrate into the dashboards with good weather stripping to control air leaks (see photo). Motorized operations and automated controls are available with some products.

Quilted window cover:

The padded blinds are typically mounted on the face and roll at the top of the window, with the roller exposed or hidden by a balance, or pull upward so that the fabric is folded at the top of the window. Some vertical folding options are also available. The vertical edges of the padded wrapped flaps fit into the edge channels, the bottom edge has a foam or felt seal and the top of the awning fits perfectly into a compression bar. Motorized operation is available with some products. Less expensive (and less adjustable) padded window blinds are available that use a continuous velcro or snaps to fasten the awning to the window trim.

Overall Thermal Performance:

Honeycomb insulated blinds without lateral tracks increase the insulation value (R-) of the windows by about 1-2. Insulated honeycomb blinds with side tracks and padded window blinds with similar narrow perimeters increase the R-value by about 4.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides privacy
  • Reduces night-time heat loss through windows
  • Minimizes cold currents near windows
  • Reduces the gain of solar heat during the unwanted day by the windows during the summer
  • Controls daylight – most effective with blinds that are both lower at the top and rise from the bottom


  • The padded blinds are reprehensible for some because of the utilitarian appearance
  • Large variety of color and style available with honeycomb
  • Blinds with padded blinds

Advice / Precautions:

  • Consider product warranty; Specific term guarantees
  • Consider professional installation, especially padded roller blinds.
  • The maximum savings depend greatly on the routine fit.
  • Some potential damage to insulated glass is caused when high-performance insulated blinds or blinds are used with double-panel sealed windows to control solar heat gain.

Available in:

  • A wide selection of 75 colors and textures,
  • Strings or wireless (requiring only a soft light or down to open or close the shadow). A great safety feature for children’s spaces,
  • The continuous loop of continuous cord functions as a shadow string, but is in a looping system,
  • Translucent or blocked material or in combination day and night
  • From top to bottom from bottom to top – the left and right wires are used to control where the shadow is placed in the window,
  • Single or hard-access windows and slanted windows such as skylights,
  • With an extended warranty of one year on the product.

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