Importance of Dotnet technology as a career

First of all you code with c # and .NET is just a frame. C # is a great language to start with, because it is powerful but simple and clean in syntax. In addition, if you learn c #, you can use in all possible cases with. Net – websites, desktop applications, Windows Phone applications, Windows 8 applications, backend services. For basic things, it’s good to start with C for functional programming, then switch to C ++ for object-oriented and unmanaged code and after you have finished with a training and understand the key principles of object-oriented programming grasp C # and start your career.

.Net is a framework, .Net is a platform that supports multiple languages like C #, VB.NET and others. A framework is nothing more than a pool of ready-to-use features available at your fingertips when you write code using this framework. Here are the reasons why you choose

.Net Technology as a career

In .NET you have a choice of languages to code with (C #, VB.NET Java, Boo, Python e.t.c).

.NET programs run at native speed. With .NET, you are not limited to JIT, but have the AOT option or compile in advance if you want to eliminate startup delays.

In .NET, you can call a native function from a specified library and begin calling it.

.NET languages are richer, they have object-oriented features.

You can encode on the .NET platform using Java, but you can not code on the Java platform using any of the .NET languages.

Using IKVM from Mono to call the .NET Java code or to convert java classes to .NET assemblies. This is so effective that large java programs like the I.D.E eclipse have been run on .NET.

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