Hydraulic shearing machine

Shearing Machines

When you apply a high pressure tool through a metal plate and remove part of the metal, the process is called shearing. Shearing Machine is a sheet metal forming machine that used to cut sheet metal. With shear machining, the tool’s cutting edge removes the metal from the plate. While this happens, maximum pressure is applied. The tool, however, only touches the metal one time.

Both mechanical and hydraulic machines can perform shear machining. There are a wide variety of hydraulic shear machine models on the market that accommodate a large range of metal plate sizes. Many metal cutting applications can be used, and the metals can often be reused. Hydraulic shears are recommended for high intensity metal manufacture because they are quick, quiet, and capable of operating continuously. They work well for factories that do a lot of metal fabrication. In addition, hydraulic shears are best if the operation requires intense pressure. They don’t require a lot of maintenance, will operate continuously, and are fast and quiet. The machines are equipped with several sets of sharp blades that cut the metal into specified shapes and sizes. These shears can serve a range of sizes of metal plate, depending upon the manufacturer and model. We introduce our most technically advanced Hydraulic Shearing Machine for the national and international markets. Our IP HVR Series Hydraulic Shearing Machine incorporates latest technologies with the high performance, simple operating device and is designed to function smoothly for a long time. In hydraulic shearing machine the shear action is controlled by hydraulic rams. Hydraulic Shearing machines are basically used for shearing applications and sheet cutting applications. .IP HVR Hydraulic Shears Machine equipped with the product features and safety devices for optimum, accuracy and repeatability. Components of Hydraulic Shearing Machine are:

Back gauge: it will assist to improve the shearing accuracy of the gadget BUR free shears.

Adjustable Shearing Angle: The shearing angle of the machine tool can be adjusted according to the sheet’s thickness.

Ball transferring Working Table: The ball transferring can help to reduce the contact area and fabrication between the sheet and the surface of the working table.

Hydraulic System: This shearing machine adopts the integration hydraulic system to improve the performance reliability.

Foot Pedal: This metal machining machine is equipped the foot pedal to control the strokes.

Shearing Blade: Four cutting edges blade, prolong the working life of the shearing machine.

Back gauge raise system: The system is suitable for shearing long length plates, so the application of the plate shearing machine is enlarged.


Accurate clearance adjustment of both blades for BUR FREE shears.

Motorized Back gauge for easy adjustment of shearing length.

Adjustable Pressure Relief/Controlling Valve for HT material.

Extra powerful clamping force by Holing Cylinders.

Flexible sheet support for longer and heavier plates/sheets.

Indication light (Tower Light) with safety alarm sound.

Emergency stop push switch.

Electronic Digital stroke counter meter for fast productivity.

Four edge cutting function blades.

Adjustable strokes for short pieces shears.

Majoring scale for smaller pieces at front. Safety Finger guard.

Accurate adjustment of Rake Angle as per material thickness for TWIST FREE shears.

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