Humanities Spring, an Institution to Know Your Culture Far Better

Every country has their own culture and history and Human Spring offers the complete distance as well campus courses for architecture, history, and art. Our courses are for all ages; we don’t have any limit of age to take our courses and from kids to an adult, all are welcome here for an informative American alanguagend culture course in NYC. Most interesting part of our course is the travel study programs our association.

  • Courses are differentiated according to the time and schedules of the students and also offers the season based courses here, like the American art summer course. This is for the students who want to explore the American art and its history.
  • Our high standard courses are also a great option for the students who want to explore the ancient Italian art, literature and the English Language.
  • Some students are interested about the archeologia ed inglese per ragazzi or the archeology of Italy, America or Europe.
  • There actually so much to have about American art and literature and students can learn their courses with their own languages and the texts are also available in various languages.
  • The architettura Americana or the architecture of Italy or America is also available here.
  • The trend of ancient English has also has changed now, so here you can learn the modern English or arte moderna e contemporanea ed inglese corso intensivo a New York and the arte moderna ed inglese a NYC.
  • Not just the English but also the Latin and Roman English courses are here in the class of campo estivo inglese e latino a Roma or the campo estivo inglese ed arte in Umbria.

We are a nonprofit organization and you may have your textbooks in your language here and the campo estivo inglese in Umbria or the campo estivo inglese per ragazzi in Umbria. Even the textbooks of HS are available here in different language.

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