Hubbardton Forge Chandeliers : Featured Collections that Lend a ‘Wow’ Factor to your Home

A chandelier is a lighting product that is inevitable to any home. While there are innumerable such products on offer in the market, not many are able to bring a ‘wow’ factor to your space. Hubbardton Forge stands out as a brand of lighting fixtures that brings you some of the most breathtaking chandeliers of the time. These impressive lights are nothing less than focal points, and transform your home or office space with such elegance that you are struck by awe. The featured collection of chandeliers from this brand includes scintillating products that fit in small and large spaces alike. Take a look at some interesting ones.


The collection is a reinterpretation of the orb chandelier and features a clean and sculptural design. The Cirque chandeliers derive their beauty from circlet forming steel petals that merge at the structure’s apex, and are fitted with candelabra light bulbs that cast a soft glow from within. The collection includes four products – a simple four-stem chandelier in small and large sizes, and an eight-stem ‘Double Cirque’ chandelier in standard and large scale sizes. Made from hand from hand-forged metal, the Cirque is a captivating form that revolves around high end design.


The Flora collection lies at the root of some of the most elegant room concepts offered by Hubbardton Forge. These lights showcase tendrils and vines of metal that curl around to form the structure of the chandeliers. The lineup is one of the most comprehensive with varying designs and materials. While some comprise of steel structures that twine and climb up to the sky, some other resemble a flowing plant or a tendril about to bloom. The shades, made from Clear, Pearl, and Opal and Seeded glass, are capable of delivering a transparent or translucent effect as per choice. A part of the transitional collection, Flora provides a modern update to the Art Nouveau style.


The Mobius chandelier is a chain hung fixture that features six lights wrapped in slender petals of gently curved steel attached to the frame through slender tendrils. Finished in Dark Smoke and fitted with incandescent lights that cast a warm glow, Mobius suggests the beauty of a fleeting calla lily, but uses materials that last a lifetime.

New Town

The collection is suggestive of something brand new, but has its sensibilities rooted deeply in traditional designs. With hand-blown seedy hurricane glass and a chain-hung canopy, the New Town chandeliers are a sight to behold. Narrow glass tubes in opal or stone sit upon a circular frame of hand worked iron, lending these products a sense of strength and permanence, as well as a contemporary appeal. Comprising of an array of four, six, eight, and ten arm lights the New Town collection adds something fresh to tradition, and is a perfect element that compliments classic, elegant settings.

Be it a set of matching chandeliers for the mighty living room, or simple one that lights up your walk-in closet, Hubbardton Forge has the perfect chandelier for your needs. Products from this brand are an affordable luxury, which bring out the heart and soul of iron to transform your home into a dream space.

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