HP ink cartridge clogging

How to get rid of HP ink cartridge clogging with hot water

Ink cartridge of an HP printer is the most important part, and sometimes it might happen that you haven’t use the printer for a long period of time, and the ink in case of HP inkjet printers get clogged at the nozzle. The same problem is faced by a number of users on a regular basis, and in such circumstances the contact with HP printer tech support, who can help them with professional ways of getting rid of the problem.

The requirements

But the problem is not that intense, that you need to communicate with the professional experts. There are numerous ways to get rid of the problem, and the best way to get rid of the problem is to use the hot water method for opening the plug that is on the nozzle of your HP printer. The steps are not at all difficult, and what you need is a sink, and some hot water, maybe from a geyser, water heater or something else.

Hot water

Your first task should be to take out the black cartridge from your inkjet printer. You should first try it with the black cartridge, and after that, you can easily repeat the same task with the other colors, which you are having. Fill in the sink with hot water, and make sure that you close the water draining path, such that the sink looks like a water tub. Once it is half filled with hot water, you will have to dip the ink cartridge within it.

Time required

Within a few minutes, you will find that the water is turning black, which means ink is coming out from the cartridge, and the clog has been removed. If the clog is not that high, ink will come out instantly, and in the worst case, it might take 30 minutes for the black ink to come out of the nozzle, but ink will definitely come out and the clog will definitely be removed.

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