How To Use Social Monitoring For Your Business

Every business has innumerable customers and potential audience. Knowing what they want and think is no longer impossible. With the advent of social media, the customers have an outlet to express their feelings about a product. For a business, paying attention to these conversations online gives key insights to what the customer likes and expects from a product. Social listening is the process of assessing and tracking what is being said about a brand/product online.

Social monitoring is helpful as it gives a new perspective to a business from the customer’s view point and hence helps a business enhance the quality through regular feedback and strategic analysis. Here are a few pointers on how social monitoring can be put to use for your business:

  • Monitoring keywords related to your business – Tracking and monitoring online conversations pertaining to a particular set of business related keywords helps you gain insight into what is important to your target audience and what’s the latest trend in your industry. This will help stay on top of the business and develop lasting relationship with the customers.
  • Monitoring Competitor keywords – Keeping track of what the customers think or feel about the competitor gives you the opportunity to plunge in and become the saviour to the dissatisfied customers.
  • Real–time news feeds – By following discussions and retweets and getting an insight into the news trend, getting a streaming real-time news on what your competition is working on is not difficult with a few handles.
  • Identifying influencers and advocates – Developing a good rapport with the influencers would increase the reach and awareness of your business.

Staying ahead in your field of expertise, while fulfilling the customer’s expectations is thus achieved through social listening data insights. Take advantage of social monitoring experts and watch your growth charts flourish soon.


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