How to start a Preschool

A couple of decades before, the idea of playschools in India was unheard but now with the growing needs the Preschools have become too popular .Not only in Metros where both the parents going to office but the concept of preschool is introduced in small towns where parents feel its important to send kids to these preschools for their early development which would help them in future. Pre schools additionally give a chance to youngsters to associate with other kids. Furthermore, the kids gradually get used to the idea of a classroom in a casual way, making their   move into school that much easily.It has become common for people to start preschools as they can get Low Investment  preschool franchisee with certain policies.

With this growing demand of Preschools it has developed many Business opportunities for those who want to start their own business with low Investments. In fact, Preschools have yielded high income and are considered as lucrative business to spend in. For starting these Preschools in India one needs to do some research in this field such as which location will attract the parents most for sending their kids .It has been observed parents are more inclined to the Preschools nearby their house or the work location so, many preschool in Karnataka are found close to the office areas. Another, important point is the environment, which should be healthy for child growth. Accessibility is one of the plus points which attracts parent lot or one can facilitate the pick-up and drop service. Beside this Infrastructure of preschool, Indoor and outdoor area of the preschool. The budget as to the investment, supplies equipment, marketing, advertising etc. The teachers required to hire (As per National council for Teacher Education (NCTE) guidelines, a preschool teacher must have the qualification of Secondary School certificate or its equivalent and preferably a Diploma/Certificate in Preschool teacher education programme of not less than one year, or B.Ed.)

The curriculum is to be decided and followed in the school and it should not be very hetic  as if the child is  struggling to learn something like math calculations  at such a young age. Instead, it should focuses on letting a child have fun while learning. Also there are certain legal requirements which one need to fulfil before starting a Preschool In India, which varies in different states.



There are several favourable advantage to start a preschool in India. The most amazing factor to start a preschool is one can work on a business which is and will always in demand in India and one can easily take this business opportunities from some Low Investment Preschool Franchisee. According to analysis done an educational franchisee business has better ROI compared with any other business model.

. One need to start it with an intention to do this business in most morally dignified manner, because preschools are not just businesses. A preschool plays an important role in forming  the child and the base for his or her education . If you  are thinking   to start a preschool in India, this is the right time


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